Thomas Tuchel

3 reasons why Chelsea should consider Thomas Tuchel’s return

Chelsea are looking to hire a manager again and the fans are calling for the owners to swallow their egos and rehire Thomas Tuchel. The German manager is a free agent this summer after refusing to continue at Bayern Munich.

The Bundesliga club initially announced its decision to part ways with the former PSG coach, but they asked him to continue for another season after facing rejections from Xabi Alonso, Julian Nagelsmann, Unai Emery, Ralf Rangnick, and others. 

Chelsea parted ways with Mauricio Pochettino on Tuesday and are hunting for the next man to take the project forward. Chelsea fans want to see Thomas Tuchel’S return, so let’s take a look at three reasons why that would work:

#1 – System is perfectly set for Thomas Tuchel

Thomas Tuchel wanted to be a head coach and not a manager at Chelsea. The German stated that he wanted to concentrate on the training and matches than scouting for players. 

The sacking reportedly came after he refused to help build the recruitment team. While many would argue that the dismissal in 2022 was down to his poor run in the year, several reports claim it was all down to his off-pitch rejection to help.

Now with the scouting department and recruitment team set, Chelsea have the perfect chance to bring back the 50-year-old and let him steer the project ahed. 

#2 – Chelsea’s desperate need for a manager who loves possession

Reports in The Athletic and Telegraph suggest that Chelsea want a coach who can build a team that loves to keep hold of the ball and dominate teams. Tuchel’s side did that while he was at Chelsea and they can get just that with the current squad.

Moreover, Tuchel had a stunning record against Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp while he was at Chelsea. The manager has shown that he can tweak tactics when needed and adjust the flow of the game based on the opponents. 

Rigid systems have never worked at Chelsea for more than a season, and if they are looking for a long-term option, Tuchel is he one for them.

#3 – Getting the fans back in their corner

Chelsea owners are just not able to get the fans in their corner since taking over from Roman Abramovich. The decisions taken by them have backfired – starting from the dismissal of Tuchel to Pochettino this week. 

They have a golden chance to win back a large section of fans by bringing back the German. The move would be welcomed by those going to the stadium for matches and most around the world.

But the question remains – will the owners swallow their pride and bring the German back to the Premier League? Recent reports suggest that it is not going to happen this summer.