Orlando City - Orlando City VAR decision

Orlando City Costed by an Obscure VAR Ruling

Orlando City SC was on the receiving end of a surprising VAR call

Orlando City were the bearers of a controversial VAR call in their match against Columbus Crew in the ongoing 2024 MLS season. The match ended the club’s recent unbeaten run as they slipped to a 0-2 loss at the Inter & Co. stadium. However, the MLS’ decision to utilize VAR for important calls came under scrutiny during the crucial match as questions began to surface.

Just over the 40th-minute mark of the game, the host side’s forward Luis Muriel was seemingly fouled by Columbus’ defender Moreira. It looked like Orlando was set to be awarded a penalty by the on-field referee. But the officials controlling the VAR on the day weren’t on the same page.

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The VAR officials communicated to the on-field referee and pointed out that a penalty should actually be awarded to Columbus Crew because as per them, the visitor’s midfielder Aiden Morris won a penalty for them before the match-ball was tamperingly moved to the other end of the ground.

Columbus Crew went on to initially score from that penalty as they achieved a 1-0 lead in the game before the first-half whistle was blown by the referee. However, the way the VAR operated and turned the tables on the penalty decision has left a lot to be desired by the home side supporters. The lack of clear-cut communication was lacking inside the arena. MLS must be looking to sort that out in the times ahead.

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