Casemiro hits back at disrespectful criticism from pundits and fans

Casemiro Defends His Form at Manchester United Amid Harsh Criticism

Casemiro has hit back at disrespectful comments about his form at Manchester United. The midfielder believes constructive criticism is fine, but things have crossed a line. 

The Brazilian claims that he was considered the best signing in Premier League last season, but all that has gone out of the window this season. He believes that there is a clear lack of respect from some of the fans and pundits, and he told Sky Sports:

“You look towards the end of last season, the team was playing well with plenty of positive comments. So what happened? I was considered one of the best signings of the Premier League last season, and now I’m not worth anything anymore. The criticism is disrespectful.

So, when it’s lacking respect, then it’s worrying, and I don’t have to respect that either. But there is always going to be criticism in football, especially playing for such a long time, people want to criticise. But from the moment when it lacks respect, that’s when you lose my respect.”

The Brazilian continued:

 “At the start of the season, at the start of my season, I got the trophy of best player of the month, elected by the fans here. Right after that, I picked up an injury, a big injury. He came back, then the injury returned, now playing as a centre-back. It is hard – this is a wider analysis, so I’m giving you more ample analysis. Injured players. I think never at any point of the season the manager have like 25 senior players available. So not only for me, for the players, but also for the manager it’s very challenging. For the club it’s very challenging.”

He added:

“But criticism is a part of football. And I’m always very calm, especially with the criticism. When it’s constructive criticism, it’s always welcomed. Especially in football, when you’ve been playing at a high level for 10 years and you drop your level a little, the criticism is going to come, Criticism is always going to come. But from the moment when you feel disrespected, I don’t think it’s right. And that is when I lose respect for those people.”

Casemiro was blasted by Jamie Carragher earlier this month after the horror performance at Crystal Palace. He claims that the Brazilian had to call it time on his Premier League career and move to Saudi Arabia or MLS.

Gary Neville and Roy Keane also believed that the Brazilian had lost his legs and urged him to adapt to the situation.

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