Why did Adidas ban fans from buying German jerseys with the number 44?

Why did Adidas ban fans from buying German jerseys with the number 44?

    Adidas has stirred controversy with the release of the new Germany National Team jersey as the typography of the numbers has ignited a storm on social media.

    Germany Jersey Controversy

    Critics have pointed out that the number 44 bears a striking resemblance to a symbol from the nation’s troubled past.

    The jersey’s stylized number has drawn comparisons to the emblem of the Schutzstaffel (SS), a paramilitary group under Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime notorious for its role in the Holocaust.

    Adidas Spokesperson Comments on the Situation

    Addressing the issue Oliver Bruggen a spokesperson for Adidas provided clarification in an interview with Bild a prominent German daily newspaper.

    “The DFB and its partner 11teamsports are responsible for the design of the names and numbers. We have blocked the personalization of the jerseys in our online store” Bruggen stated.

    Highlighting Adidas’s commitment to diversity and inclusion Bruggen emphasized “Our company stands for the promotion of diversity and inclusion and as a company, we actively campaign against xenophobia anti-Semitism violence, and hatred in all forms.”

    He vehemently denied any suggestion of divisive or exclusionary intentions reaffirming Adidas’s dedication to fostering an inclusive environment.

    “Any attempts to promote divisive or exclusionary views are not part of our values as a brand and we strongly reject any suggestions that this was our intention” Bruggen asserted.

    With German Jerseys at the center of the debate, Adidas’s response underscores the importance of sensitivity and inclusivity in design choices, particularly in the context of historical symbols and their potential implications.