Al Hilal vs Al Nassr

Al Hilal vs Al Nassr Player Ratings as Ronaldo Muted, Milinković-Savić Shines, Aldawsari’s Brilliance Secures Victory | Riyadh Season Cup

In a tightly-fought encounter in the Riyadh Season Cup, Al Hilal beat Al Nassr 2-0 at the Kingdom Arena on Thursday, February 8.

Sergej Milinkovic-Savic opened the scoring in the 17th minute before Salem Aldawsari doubled their lead in the 30th minute. Al Hilal made 10 attempts on goal with six being on target. Meanwhile, Al Nassr had 13 attempts with two being on target.

Both sides had plenty of good opportunities but failed to add to the scoreline. Al Hilal also had a goal disallowed in the first half.

With the win, Al Hilal lifted the Riyadh Season Cup trophy, having previously beaten Inter Miami 4-3 in the friendly competition. Meanwhile, Al Nassr previously beat the Herons 6-0.

On that note, let’s take a look at Al Hilal vs Al Nassr Player Ratings:

Al Hilal Player Ratings:

Yassine Bounou (7/10)

He made two saves and completed 15/26 passes.

Saud Abdulhamid (7/10)

Abdulhamid completed 16/24 passes, made one key pass, won 4/7 duels, and also provided one assist.

Kalidou Koulibaly (6/10)

The former Chelsea defender won 5/10 duels, completed 24/27 passes, and made one clearance.

Ali Al-Bulayhi (6/10)

He made seven clearances, and one interception and completed 32/37 passes. He won 3/5 duels but made one error leading to a shot.

Renan Lodi (6/10)

He made one clearance and two tackles, won 10/16 duels, and completed 14/18 passes.

Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (7.5/10)

Al Hilal’s Sergej Milinkovic-Savic celebrates after scoring against Al Nassr (Pic credits: Al Hilal Twitter)

Milinkovic-Savic put in an excellent performance against Al Nassr, completing 35/40 passes and scoring a goal. He won 8/15 duels, made one key pass and made two tackles and two clearances.

Ruben Neves (7/10)

Neves completed 42/51 passes, made one key pass, won 4/9 duels, and made two clearances, four tackles, and one interception.

Salem Al-Dawsari (7/10)

He scored a goal, completed 12/19 passes, completed 3/5 dribbles, and won 7/12 duels.

Michael (6/10)

He completed 11/15 passes, won 6/14 duels, and made four tackles.

Malcolm (7/10)

Malcolm provided an assist, completed 26/30 passes, made two key passes, completed 2/2 dribble attempts, and won 4/9 duels.

Aleksandar Mitrovic (7/10)

Mitrovic had two attempts on goal, created two big chances, completed 15/20 passes and won 5/13 duels.

Al Hilal Substitutes:

Mohamed Kanno (6/10)

He came on in the 71st minute and completed 12/14 passes, and won 2/4 duels.

Mohammed Al-Burayk (6/10)

He came on in the 60th minute and made one clearance. He won 1/2 duels and completed 16/19 passes.

Yasir Al-Shahrani (6/10)

He made one interception and completed 5/9 passes.

Nasser Al-Dawsari

He came on too late to warrant a rating.

Hassan Al Tambakti

Came on too late to warrant a rating.

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Al Nassr Player Ratings:

Raghed Najjar (6/10)

He made four saves and completed 11/23 passes.

Alex Telles (6.5/10)

Telles completed 20/26 passes, won 5/8 duels, and won three tackles and two interceptions.

Aymeric Laporte (6/10)

He made three clearances, two tackles, and two interceptions. He won 4/11 duels, completed 44/53 passes, and also had a shot.

Abdulelah Al Amri (7/10)

He made four clearances, four tackles, and two interceptions. He completed 35/39 passes and won 6/8 duels.

Nawaf Al-Boushail (6/10)

He won 2/7 duels and completed 21/24 passes.

Marcelo Brozovic (7/10)

The veteran midfielder completed 63/74 passes, played four key passes and created one big chance. He won 4/11 duels and made two clearances and one interception.

Abdullah Alkhaibari (6/10)

He completed 34/40 passes, won 4/9 duels, and won two tackles.

Otavio (6.5/10)

He completed 28/32 passes, made two key passes, and won 8/16 duels.

Abdulrahman Ghabreeb (6/10)

The attacker completed 13/15 passes, made two key passes, won 6/8 duels, and made three tackles.

Anderson Talisca (6/10)

He completed 23/26 passes, won 7/17 duels, had two shots, and made three clearances.

Cristiano Ronaldo (6/10)

Cristiano Ronaldo against Al Hilal (Pic credits: Al Nassr Zone on Twitter)

Ronaldo missed two big chances, completed 23/28 passes, had seven attempts, and won 5/8 duels.

Al Nassr Substitutes:

Ali Al-Oujami (6/10)

He came on in the second half and completed 19/23 passes. He won 2/2 duels and made one interception.

Sadio Mane (6/10)

He came on in the second half and missed one big chance. He completed 14/17 passes, won 5/9 duels, and lost possession 13 times.

Aziz Behich (6/10)

He came on in the 74th minute and completed 9/9 passes and made one interception.

Ayman Ahmed (6/10)

He came on in the 74th minute, completed 6/8 passes, won 4/6 duels, and also got booked.