Argentina vs Peru Player Ratings

Argentina vs Peru Player Ratings: Lautaro Martínez 7.5; Leandro Paredes 7.3; Marcos López 6.8

Argentina finished the group stage with a perfect nine-point collection. When facing Peru at the Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, the defending champions won two goals to nil with both goals were scored by Lautaro Martinez. Despite the absence of Lionel Messi and Lionel Scaloni the manager, Albiceleste could still deal with the opponent with a comfortable win.

Argentina National Football Team Player Ratings vs Peru


Emiliano Martinez (6.7/10): Argentina attacked intensively and Martinez rarely had serious threats under the post.


Gonzalo Montiel (7.1/10): He had another option in attacking from the right flank, but most of the time he was focused on defending.

Germán Pezzella (6.8/10): Showed a rock-solid defense with always being in position every time Peru launched an attack.

Nicolás Otamendi (7.2/10): Commanded the defenders to stay put in position to cut the attack attempts from Peru.

Nicolás Tagliafico (7.3/10): Defending neatly in a four-back formation, rarely being out of position.


Leandro Paredes (7.3/10): Made a good link-up alongside his fellow midfielders to put the Peruvian defenders under a cage with passing exchanges.

Giovani Lo Celso (6.9/10): Helped his team to build the attacks from the right-hand side of his direction toward Peru.

Exequiel Palacios (7/10): Composed in the midfield, providing delicious balls to the front three.


Ángel Di María (7.6/10): Tearing the defence apart with his passes and dribbles to create chances.

Alejandro Garnacho (7/10): Giving threats from the left flank, working hand-in-hand with Lautaro Martinez at the front.

Lautaro Martínez (7.5/10): Had chances to open the scoring sheets from the beginning of the game, until his scoring at the beginning of the second half.


Enzo Fernandez (6.9/10): Dictating the game from midfield by distributing balls to his teammates at the front.

Valentin Carboni (6.9/10): Expected to help Argentina maintain the lead to secure the top spot of the group stage.

Guido Rodriguez (6.8/10): Involved in Argentina’s passing exchange to keep the possession and prevent the opponents from having a chance of scoring.

Lucas Martinez Quarta (6.4/10): Not bad for a 12-minute appearance as he made one interception until the rest of the game.

Manager –

Walter Samuel (7.4/10): With the absence of Messi, Argentina could still dominate the midfield collectively with passing were exchanged between players.

Peru National Football Team Player Ratings vs Argentina


Pedro Gallese (7.1/10): Had a tough game in dealing with Argentina’s attacking attempts


Alexander Callens (6.6/10): Holding Argentina’s shelling attack most of the time of his appearance on the pitch.

Carlos Zambrano (6.5/10): Trying his best to protect the area from Argentina’s attacks by intercepting and cutting passes.

Aldo Corzo (6.610): Alongside Sonne, Corzo was in charge of guarding the flank area. He was struggling as Argentina put quite an intense pressure.


Sergio Peña (6.7/10): Covering the midfield area to prevent Argentina enter the area.

Wilder Cartagena (6.8/10): Had a tough day defending in the midfield. Argentina attacked relentlessly, forcing him to commit hard challenges.

Oliver Sonne (6.7/10): Not only defending, he was also involved in some of Peru’s attacking strategy but the way Argentina defended was too solid.

Marcos López (6.8/10): When things did not work out from another side of the pitch, Lopez provided alternatives to Peru’s attacking plan which caused trouble. frequently for Argentina.


Edison Flores (6.6/10): Flores won some and lost some during his duels with the Argentinian players during the game.

Bryan Reyna (6.9/10): Winning duels and put a real threat with his dribbling skill, Reyna gives the Argentinian defenders a hard time.

Paolo Guerrero (6.8/10): Putting his all out to score against Argentina but the opponent’s defence was just too solid.


Jesus Castillo (6.5/10): Facing a tough task to deal with Argentina’s fast-passing game

Christian Cueva (6.7/10): Expected to make a change when coming on in the second half but Argentina were too dominant.

Gianluca Lapadula (6.6/10): Not much he can do to deal with Argentina’s intensity as he was expected to create a goal.

Jose Rivera (6.9/10): Argentina were just too solid to break apart, Rivera knows it well as he was only able to make five passes and nothing more.

Franco Zanelatto (6.7/10): The quality gap was too obvious between Argentina and his team, not even the Goddess of Fortune could save Peru from losing.

Manager –

Jorge Fossati (6.6/10): The defeat was not at all his mistake as Argentina were too strong for his squad with chances denied throughout the game.

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