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REVEALED: Why won’t Arsenal be allowed to wear their new 2024/25 home kit during Premier League final day clash against Everton

Arsenal and Adidas came together to announce the Gunners’ new home kit for the 2024–25 season on May 16, with the reveal receiving widespread acclaim, but also some mixed reactions.

However, there is a catch to the usual end-of-season-reveal process this time around, and they will not be allowed to debut their kits at the Emirates Stadium on May 19.

Arsenal Premier League Home Kit 24/25: Why won’t Arsenal wear the new 2024/25 kit against Everton?

As most big Premier League clubs have done before, Arsenal announced their Arsenal Homekit in the penultimate week of the current season. However, they won’t be able to wear it against Everton, as they are involved in the title race and could still win the league.

This is due to Premier League rules stating that teams that can mathematically win the title on the final day must play in the kit they used throughout said campaign. Hence, even Manchester City will be forced to wear their current home kit against West Ham on May 19, despite launching their own new 2024/25 home kit yesterday.

However, Mikel Arteta and his men will have their focus solely on the result rather than the kit they will wear. Arsenal will hope they can defeat Everton and that West Ham can take points off Manchester City, which is the only scenario that will see them win the league for the first time since 2003/04.

Details of the Gunners’ new home kit

Arsenal Premier League Home Kit 24/25
Arsenal’s men’s & women’s players modeling their new kit. (Getty Images)

Arsenal’s home kit features some interesting new changes from their usual designs. The most prominent one is the club’s decision to make it ‘The Year of the Cannon’, meaning they will do away with the traditional club crest on the shirts, and replace them with plain cannons. This adds a classy and minimalistic look.

The home kit will also feature blue on the sides for the first time since specks of the colour were on the Puma kits in the late 2010s. There is also a larger portion of white at the back, with the primary red colour given slightly lesser priority this time.

By the looks of it, it seems only fans will be able to wear the kit on the final day, and it can be expected to be worn by the players during their pre-season games ahead of the next campaign.


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