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3 Bayern Munich players who have played against Vincent Kompany

During his time as a player, Vincent Kompany has played for multiple teams, from Anderlecht to Manchester City. Bundesliga is also not a strange place for Kompany as he played for Hamburg SV for two seasons.  

With the Belgian reportedly getting closer to Bayern Munich, the possibility of him managing his former foes in the past is not zero. There are three players that Kompany will likely coach once he is granted the position as the man-in-charge for Die Rotten.

Here are the three Bayern Munich players from the current squad that Kompany has faced as a player

Manuel Neuer

Kompany’s first encounter with Neuer came in Group A of 2011/12 Champions League at Allianz Arena. The Belgian was already playing for Manchester City and the visitors ended up losing 2-0 to the host. 

Bayern Munich players
Manuel Neuer (Getty Images)

Both men eventually faced each other on the pitch four times, with the last encounter occurring in the Champions League group stage of 2014/15 season. This time, Kompany’s City won 3-2. 

Thomas Muller

During his time with City, Kompany played five games against Bayern and he faced Muller in three out of it. When Bayern visited the Etihad in 2011/12 and 2014/15 season of the Champions League, Muller was sitting on the bench both times. 

Bayern Munich players
Thomas Muller (Getty Images)

In fact, Kompany never won against Muller every time the German was on the pitch when City and Bayern played each other. On the contrary, two games Kompany won with City over Bayern were when Muller was absent. 

Harry Kane

Since Kane secured his place in the Spurs’ first team in 2013, he only met Kompany on the pitch three times. This is because the latter spent some of his time rehabbing injuries and when he was fit, Kane was benched. 

Bayern Munich players
Harry Kane (Getty Images)

When both teams met in the 2018/19 Champions League, Kompany was benched when The Citizens visited London. Meanwhile, in the reversed fixture, Kane was not on the list who travelled to Manchester.