Best Forward picks in FPL

Best Forward picks for FPL in Gameweek 38

It’s critical to make smart decisions now, since any moves made will have an immediate effect on your team’s success in the next games, leading up to Gameweek 38 of the 2023–24 season.

Let’s examine the top five best forward picks in FPL and think about the best choices to maximize your team’s potential in this pivotal game week and make the most of this last chance.

Ollie Watkins (Aston Villa)

Best Forward Picks in FPL
Ollie Watkins for Villa (Credits: Getty)

For the final game week of 2023–24, Ollie Watkins of Aston Villa seems like a good pick for strikers. He managed to get 6.3 PPM with his four-and-a-half-point form, making him the third highest in forwards at a £8.9 million valuation. In GW37, Watkins garnered only five points but he has so far accumulated 226 points overall plus 29 bonus points thereby becoming a reliable point scorer for any fantasy manager.

Thus, he becomes the highest forward-rated player, according to the ICT Index, which suggests that he is not only a goal scorer but also a playmaker. Consequently, based on his consistent form and ability to find the back of the net, I would highly recommend securing his services with the goal of ending the season on a high note as the team faces Crystal Palace at home in their next match.

Erling Haaland (Man City)

Best Forward Picks in FPL
Erling Haaland for City (Credits- X)

Manchester City’s frontline is a force to be reckoned with and it is Erling Haaland who stands out as the top forward option for the final gameweek of the 2023-24 season. Haaland has been priced at a premium £14.2 million, which is the highest among forwards since he is an excellent goalscorer.

A fantastic form rating of 8.2 as well as a remarkable average points per match of 7.2 are some stats that show his consistency in delivering great performances this season, leading him in both categories. He demonstrated further goal-scoring ability in Gameweek 37 by netting an impressive total of fifteen points thereby reaching his overall tally of 215 points with an impressive accumulation of twenty-nine bonus points.

Similarly, his ICT Index ranking of 300.2 underlines his role in creating opportunities and finishing them for goals. Hence, Haaland will be the most important pick among fantasy managers who want to end their season strongly given Manchester City’s forthcoming match against West Ham which he enters on good recent form and is a favorite for the Golden Boot.

Alexander Isak (Newcastle)

Best Forward Picks in FPL
Alexander Isak for Newcastle (Credits: Getty)

For Newcastle, Alexander Isak emerges as one of the interesting choices up front in terms of forwards for next week’s final game week. Isak is the fourth costliest player at £8.4 million, which makes him a good mid-priced option for managers of fantasy football teams. With a form rating of 4.8 and an average of 5.6 points per game, he has consistently offered some decent returns week-in-week-out this season so far, and can be relied on for points.

Despite only scoring two points in Gameweek 37, his overall score of 21 bonus pieces and 156 is a testament to his importance to fantasy managers. His ICT Index rating suggests that Isak also has a role in creating as well as finishing constructive scoring opportunities; it stands at no less than 210.2. This means his consistent form combined with his goal-scoring gives Isak a chance too for any manager looking for something different in the final round.

Cody Gakpo (Liverpool)

Best Forward Picks in FPL
Cody Gakpo for the Reds in PL (Crdits: Getty)

Cody Gakpo in Liverpool dress presents as one of the interesting forward choices among many at the end of the season 2023-24 just gone by. By considering Gakpo’s price tag set at £7.1 million, we realize that he is situated within affordable middle range category forwards’ valuation. But recently he was able to score five hundred percent in terms of form, which shows that things are going better now.

Having an average of 3.1 points per game, many would not consider Gakpo’s as a meaningful contribution on the pitch. This week he made himself known during the match, with 6 points to his name indicating his potential for delivery in important situations.

He has shown this worth throughout the season by amassing 104 points and getting 12 bonus points. The number one hundred fifty is not among the top earning players that are listed in the ICT Index standings, but it appears that he has started to find his own game lately and could be vital before this weekend’s fixture with Wolves. As Liverpool prepares to face Wolves, Gakpo’s recent form and goal-scoring ability make him a possible differential choice for fantasy managers looking to make their mark in the final gameweek of the season.

Nicolas Jackson (Chelsea)

Best Forward Picks in FPL
Nicholas Jackson for Chelsea (Crdits: Getty)

Chelsea FC’s Nicholas Jackson looks like a very interesting budget-forward option for GW38 in 2023/24. Valued at £7m Nicolas Jackson provides a low-cost option for fantasy footballers needing value upfront. However, despite being rated as the fourteenth most expensive player there has been an upswing recently, with a rating of 6.4 indicating a surge in his performance level since previous seasons.

Although he is in 14th place considering his prices, his recent performances have been good, as, reflected by his rating of 6. 4, showing an increase steadily. With a respectable 4 points per match on average. Jackson has never missed his mark, making him a reliable source of points all season long. In Gameweek 37, he reaped 5 points, which was a good statistic that cemented his ability to contribute well.

He stands at 138 points with 12 bonus points already earned, which clearly shows his worth for fantasy managers. Moreover, his ICT Index rank of 226. 6 shows his great focus on goal-creation as well as goal-scoring. As Chelsea takes on Bournemouth in the coming match, Jackson’s current momentum and scoring potential suggest he is an intriguing player for fantasy managers who seek a differential purchase to make a difference in game week.

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