Top 10 Best Liverpool Players Ever

Top 10 Best Liverpool Players Ever

Liverpool is one of the biggest teams in the history of football. Since its inception in 1892, the Merseyside outfit has been home to a lot of legendary figures over the years. The Reds, as they are known, have built an illustrious legacy that has witnessed their rise as one of the most successful clubs in the history of English football.

A big part of their success story was orchestrated by the incredible star players who have achieved phenomenal success with these European giants. The so-called “best Liverpool players” have taken the club to new heights with their dazzling performance and incredible talent.

From winning domestic titles to lifting European trophies, Liverpool has been the epitome of success in both English and European football. Six UEFA Champions League trophies, 19 Premier League titles, and many other cups serve as an example of the greatness of the Reds in the soccer world.

In the process, they have produced legends of the game who are the jewels of the beautiful sport. From Kenny Dalglish to the “great leader” Steven Gerrard, from the charismatic scorers of Ian Rush, Robbie Fowler, and Luis Suarez, to the modern-day stars such as Virgil Van Dijk and Mohamed Salah, these Reds have graced the historical turf of Anfield, etching their names in the folklore of the club.

Now, the burning question remains: who are the best Liverpool players in the history of the club? In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 best Liverpool players ever to wear the prestigious red shirt without assigning them any rank.

Top 10 Best Liverpool Players Ever

Virgil Van Dijk (2018-Present): Whenever the impact of the center-backs on Liverpool is discussed, Virgil Van Dijk is often compared in the debate to the likes of Alan Hansen and Ron Seats. Many hold the view that he is the most complete defender ever to wear the iconic red shirt. He is one of the best Liverpool players of all time. The €76 million deputy of Jurgen Klopp brought his defensive and leadership skills to Anfield following his transfer from Southampton. He is the toughest defender for the attackers in one-on-one situations. Having won the UEFA Champions League, FA CUP, Carabao Cup, and Premier League title, he is like a Rolls Royce at Liverpool.

Virgil Van Dijk for Liverpool in PL 
(Credits: Getty)
Van Dijk in PL (Credits: Getty)

Graeme Souness (1978-84): Liverpool’s glorious journey has had the privilege of having a generational player like Graeme Souness on board. He was the epitome of a complete midfielder, possessing everything needed to win any match single-handedly. Souness played a vital role in Liverpool’s European Cup-winning campaign under Bill Shankly. Not only was he an aggressive attacking midfielder, but he was also a dynamic passer and a nimble dribbler of the ball. The decorated midfielder, who had 55 goals to his name, bid adieu to the Liverpool fans after lifting the fourth European title in his final game for the Merseyside outfit.

Graeme Souness for Liverpool 
(Credits: Getty)
Graeme Souness during his playing days (Credits: Getty)

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Luis Suarez (2011-14): The Uruguayan is arguably the most talented forward to ever wear a Liverpool shirt and is among the top 10 best liverpool players of all time. The striker was on song in the 2013-14 season when he almost single-handedly guided Brendan Rodgers’ team to the league title with a scintillating goal-scoring performance throughout the season. The unrelenting, tenacious forward netted 69 goals in 110 appearances for Liverpool. Simply put, Suarez’s career as a Red was short but eventful enough to elevate him to acquire a legendary status at the club.

Luis Suarez for the Reds
(Credit: Getty)
Luis Suarez celebrates his goal for Liverpool (Credits: Getty)

Roger Hunt (1958-69): Known for his clinical finishing and incredible positional awareness, Roger Hunt was a special force behind Liverpool’s transformation from a lower-division side to one of the dominant clubs in English football. His goal-scoring ability, which saw him score 285 goals, propelled the Reds to win the club’s first-ever FA Cup title and many more trophies. Hunt, a crucial character of the club’s youth academy, is regarded as one of the most incredible strikers in the history of Liverpool.

Roger Hunt for the Red during the 80s
(Credits: Getty)
Roger Hunt for Liverpool (Credits: Getty)

Robbie Fowler (1993-2001, 2006-07): Fowler, who is often referred to as “the God” by Liverpool fans, is one of the most promising goal scorers in the club’s history. He was a goal machine and a nightmare for the opponents. His natural goal-scoring prowess helped him amass 183 goals across two stints as a Red. His name in the list of top 10 best Liverpool players is no surprise.

Premier League's fastest hat-trick scorer
(Credits: Getty)
Robbie Fowler for during the 2005 season (Credits: Getty)

Ian Rush (1980-86, 1988-96): The list of top 10 Liverpool players ever will be incomplete without the inclusion of Ian Rush. He is one of the deadliest goal-scorers in the history of the English Premier League. Liverpool fans still fondly remember his partnership up front with the ‘king’ Kenny Dalglish, an attacking pair who helped the Reds secure numerous domestic trophies and European titles. Rush scored a whopping 346 goals, becoming the all-time leading scorer in Liverpool’s history.

Ian Rush for the Red 
(Credits: Getty)
Ian Rush (Credits: Getty)

John Barnes (1987-97):  If you talk about a winger with sublime skills and electrifying pace, then John Barnes is the perfect example of that. His attacking ability helped him tear through the defensive lines of the opposition. His goal-scoring ability and creativity in front of goal made him one of the most feared attackers in English soccer history. Barnes was a vital part of the Reds’ squad who lifted two English league titles and two FA Cups. His scintillating performance on the turf made him one of the greatest to have ever donned the red shirt. No wonder he is regarded as one of the best Liverpool players in the history of the club.

Barnes during the 1990 season
(Credits: Getty)
Johnny Barnes during his playing time (Credits: Getty)

Mohamed Salah (2017- present): Salah is the most iconic player at Liverpool in recent times. He is not only a normal footballer at Anfield, but also a superstar in the club. He is among the best Liverpool players. Since his arrival in Liverpool back in 2017, he has been sensational with the combination of skills, pace, and clinical finishing. He is a provider for Jurgen Klopp as the Egyptian led the Reds to 2019 Champions League glory and the Premier League title the very next year.

The forward recorded 44 goals in 52 games in his debut season, a feat that speaks volumes in support of his legendary status as a Red. The teenage fans of the Reds believe that Salah is the best Liverpool player of all time, and there’s not much to argue about, given the dedication and contribution of the highly-rated winger in the club.

Salah during Liverpool action in Europa League 
(Credits: Getty)
Mo Salah in Europa League action (Credits: Getty)

Steven Gerrard (1998-2015): Gerrard is arguably regarded as the most influential midfielder of Liverpool and is undoubtedly the best Liverpool player of all time. The former English player is widely known for his leadership, passion, and great ability to understand a game.

The most important part of his dazzling career as a Red was undoubtedly Liverpool’s Champions League victory in 2005. Over his 17-year career at Anfield, Gerrard ensured his status as a club legend through his loyalty and successful service. He is an elite athlete who ranks among the very best in terms of contribution to the Liverpool crest.

Steven Gerrard during Liverpool's UCL win in 2005
(Credits: Getty)
Steven Gerrard after UCL 2005 win (Credits: Getty)

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Kenny Dalglish (1977-90): Most Liverpool fans believe that Kenny Dalglish is the Godfather of the Merseyside club. Famously known as “King Kenny,” the former Scottish captain proved to be the perfect replacement for Kevin Keegan at Anfield and became one of the top 10 Liverpool players of all time in the club after he arrived in 1977.

Following his winning goal in the European Cup final in 1978, the joint-leading goal scorer of Scotland’s national team led the Reds to two more European titles and six league victories. His achievement as a player-turned-coach at Anfield was impressive as he guided the Reds to double glory in the form of FA Cup and English League title in the 1985-86 season. His impact on the English club extends beyond his decorated career. To put it in one sentence, “King Kenny” was the best Liverpool player ever to have played for the club.

Kenny Dalglish, the Liverpool legend (Credits: Getty)
Kenny Dalglish, the Liverpool legend (Credits: Getty)