Colombia vs Panama Player Ratings

Colombia vs Panama Player Ratings as James Rodriguez and co advance to the semifinal

Colombia vs Panama Summary

Colombia have gone through to the Copa America semifinal in style as James Rodriguez and co trashed Panama with five goals to nil. Five different players put their names on the score sheets starting from Jhon Cordoba, James Rodriguez, Luis Diaz, Richard Rios, and Miguel Borja.

Colombia National Football Team Player Ratings vs Panama


Camilo Vargas (7.3/10)
Apart from Colombia’s total domination over Panama, Vargas also played tremendously with saving several opponents chances.


Danie Munoz (7.1/10)
Helped his team to build attacks from the right-hand side of the pitch, delivering passes which create chances.

Davinson Sanchez (7.2/10)
Defended well and the match stats speaks for itself, enjoying the game with intercepting and cutting balls from the oppoinents.

Carlo Cuesta (7.1/10)
Colombia’s domination was inevitable that every player shows a decent rating in this game, including Cuesta who delivering three accurate long passes.

Johan Mojica (6.8/10)
Guarding the left side of Colombia’s pitch throughout the game with winning duels and interceptions.


Mateus Uribe (6.9/10)
Composed in the midfield to transitioned the ball from attacking to defending, vice versa.

Richard Rios (7.4/10)
Actively attacking, helping his teammates upfront to create many chances as possible, including scoring on his own.

Jhon Arias (7.2/10)
Providing attacking option from the left flank, also scored a goal in the process.

James Rodriguez (9.2/10)
David Ospina’s former brother-in-law played as if he was a middle school student in the middle of kindergarten kids. He did whatever he wants and it worked perfectly.

Luis Diaz (7.7/10)
His pace and movements were a real threat for Panama. The Liverpool winger ran riot in Panama’s box.

Jhon Cordoba (7.7/10)
Doing his job as a target-man perfectly, scored one for his name.


Luis Sinisterra (6.6/10)
Maintaining the pressure when Luis Diaz was subbed off.

Jorge Carrascal (6.6/10)
He has got the job done for the rest of the game with keeping Panama under-pressure.

Santiago Arias (6.9/10)
Managed to keep the defensive area clear for the rest of the game.

Juan Quintero (6.8/10)
Had a huge expectation when replacing James in the second half but he still got the job done anyway.

Miguel Borja (7.2/10)
Joining the scoring party despite coming only from the bench in the second half.

Manager – Néstor Lorenzo
Had everything under control as his squad’s depth was overall better than the opponents.

Panama National Football Team Player Ratings vs Uruugay


Orlando Mosquera (5.6/10)
Not his best day at the office as he had to pick the ball five times from his net.


Michael Amir Murillo (6.1/10)
Overwhelmed with Colombia’s constant pressures throughout the game.

Edgardo Fariña (5.8/10)
Got frustrated when guarding the Colombia’s players movement, forcing him to pick a yellow.

José Córdoba (6.8/10)
Had his performance became the opposite of Colombia’s Cordoba, failing to defend the box area until his team conceded five.

Roderick Miller (5.8/10)
Colombia made a total chaos in Panama’s defence, making Mille looks like a clueless apprentice in the box.

Eric Davis (6.8/10)
Struggled to keep up with the pace of Colombia players on the left flank.


Cristian Martínez (6.8/10)
Had a tough time dealing with the opponents midfielders

Cesar Blackman (6.7/10)
Operating from the right flank but still couldn’t do a real threat that led to a goal for Panama

Jovani Welch (6.9/10)
His yellow card showed how frustrating it was to guard the Colombia’s pace wingers.

Édgar Bárcenas (6.9/10)
Had to deal with James on his side of the pitch which he struggled to do.


José Fajardo (6.8/10)
Clules upfront as he struggled to make a real impact for his team.

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