VAR, Jamaica Penalty

Controversial VAR Call Denies Jamaica Penalty in Copa America Clash

Late Drama as Jamaica’s Handball Appeal Rejected

Ecuador’s thrilling 3-1 victory over Jamaica in the Copa America was marked by a controversial VAR decision that left the Jamaican team and fans in disbelief. The incident occurred in the 76th minute when Jamaica was denied a penalty after a lengthy VAR review.

Early Goals and High Hopes

The game kicked off with high intensity and Ecuador quickly took the lead. In the 13th minute, Pierre Hincapie’s cross deflected off Kasey Palmer resulting in an own goal to put Ecuador ahead.

The South Americans doubled their lead just before halftime. A handball by Jamaica’s Greg Leigh was spotted and after a lengthy VAR check, Kendry Paez calmly slotted the penalty home.

Jamaica were determined to make a comeback and found some hope in the 54th minute. Michail Antonio scored Jamaica’s first-ever Copa America goal narrowing the scoreline to 2-1. This goal reignited the Jamaican side’s spirits and the match turned fiercely competitive.

Penalty Controversy Steals the Spotlight

The defining moment came in the 76th minute when Jamaica appealed for a penalty. The ball struck Ecuador’s Alan Franco’s face and then his arm which was not in a natural position.

VAR reviewed the incident as the Jamaican team and their fans held their breath. But after a thorough check, the referee decided not to award a penalty. Thus, ruling that the contact with the face made the handball inconclusive.

This decision sparked uproar and disbelief among the Jamaican players and supporters. The rejection of the penalty was seen as a significant turning point with many feeling that Jamaica had been unfairly denied a chance to level the match.

Despite Jamaica’s spirited efforts to equalize Ecuador capitalized on a counter-attack in stoppage time. Alan Minda scored to make it 3-1 securing the win for Ecuador and leaving Jamaica at the bottom of Group B with no points from two games.

Ecuador’s Road Ahead

Ecuador’s victory was crucial for their hopes of advancing in the Copa America. After a disappointing loss to Venezuela in their opening match they managed to bounce back and claim a vital three points. The South American team will look to build on this momentum in their next matches.

Jamaica, on the other hand, faces a challenging path ahead. Their chances of progressing in the tournament are over after Venezuela’s win against Mexico.

The match will be remembered not just for the goals but for the controversial VAR decision that denied Jamaica a penalty. The debate over the fairness of the call will likely continue but for now Ecuador celebrates a hard-fought victory while Jamaica reflects on what could have been.

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