Copa America 2024 Predictions

Copa America 2024 Predictions: Who is the favorite to win the title?

With the Copa America set to kick off in June, here are our bold Copa America 2024 Predictions as Brazil and Argentina enter the tournament as favorites!

Copa America 2024: A new format

With the evolution of football, the CONCACAF and CONMEBOL have come together to expand the Copa America tournament with a new format. All ten CONMEBOL nationals will participate in the summer tournament while 6 nations from the CONCACAF are set to enter the Copa America draw based on their performances in the CONCACAF Nations League 23-24.  The six CONCACAF participants will be the USA, Mexico, Jamaica, Canada, Panama, and Costa Rica. The tournament will kick off on June 20 in the United States of America. 

The 16 participating nations will be drawn in four groups of four and the top two nations in each group will advance to the quarterfinals. In the quarterfinal stage, Group A toppers will take on Group B runner-up. Similarly, Group C winners will take on Group D runner-up while Group B and Group D winners will take on Group A runner-up and Group C runner-up. With the format explained, let’s take a look at our bold Copa America 2024 Predictions!

Copa America 2024 Predictions:

Group A:

Argentina in Copa America 2024 Predictions
Argentina will top Group A (Pic Credits: Getty Images)

Group A will see Canada, Peru, Chile, and the defending champions Argentina battle each other. Perhaps one of the easiest Copa America 2024 predictions is that Lionel Messi-led Argentina will definitely top the group and seem likely to win all their battles. While Chile and Peru will certainly pose issues for La Albiceleste, the World Cup champions are strong enough to survive the tests. 

Meanwhile, Chile who have won two Copa Americas in the United States, will keenly eye the second place in Group A. However, we believe that Chile are bound to be in a rude shock as Peru will qualify for the quarterfinals ahead of them by finishing second. For Canada, the tournament might serve as a good learning experience for the young side, but they seem bound to finish last in Group A.

PositionNationExpected Points

Group B:

Group B will see Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Jamaica locking horns in order to secure the top two spots to advance to the quarterfinals. This group is perhaps the easiest to predict in the Copa America 2024 predictions and Ecuador and Mexico seem quarterfinals bound to say the least. Venezuela has been in bad form coming into the summer tournament and they might even be in for a shock and finish last in the group. Meanwhile, Jamaica will enter the group stage as the clear underdog. They might manage to pull off a surprise victory or draw, but will definitely exit the tournament early. 

PositionNationExpected Points
4.) Jamaica1
Mexico in Copa America 2024 Predictions
Mexico will top Group B (Pic Credits: Getty Images)

Group C:

Group C will see hosts USA in action and they will take on Uruguay, Panama, and Bolivia. Group C also seems easy to predict and should see the hosts USA and a Darwin Nunez-led Uruguay attack advance to the quarterfinals. The battle for third and fourth places seems harder to determine for the Copa America 2024 predictions. While Bolivia and Panama are both in bad form, Panama might finish higher. 

PositionNationExpected Points
 1.)Uruguay 9
4.) Bolivia0

Group D: 

Costa Rica will rue their luck as they have been cast into a group consisting of Brazil, Colombia, and Paraguay. Costa Rica will lack the quality to face their opposition and might manage to scrape a draw against Paraguay, but seem sure to finish at the bottom. Brazil are obviously touted to finish the group stage at the top by winning all games. However, we’d like to make a bold prediction in our Copa America 2024 predictions and tell you that given Brazil’s recent form, they might drop points. Colombia have been in fantastic form recently and might even beat Brazil like they did in November 2023. 

PositionNationExpected Points
4.) Costa Rica0


With the culmination of the group stage, we will now take a look at Copa America 2024 predictions for the quarterfinals. 

Predictions for the Quarterfinal stage:

Uruguay in Copa America 2024 Predictions
Uruguay will look to advance deep into Copa America (Pic Credits: Getty Images)

1.) QF1: ( GA1 vs GB2) Argentina vs Ecuador

The first quarterfinal might see reigning champions Argentina take on Ecuador. The game might prove to be tough for Argentina given Ecuador’s excellent ability to defend deep, but in the end, La Albiceleste shall prevail. 

Predicted Score: Argentina 3-1 Ecuador

2.) QF2:  (GB1 vs GA2) Mexico vs Peru

El Tri is in the midst of a prolonged poor performance in major tournaments. While many still expect Mexico to display their big game mentality, in our Copa America 2024 predictions we predict a shocking premature exit for Mexico against Peru! The Peruvians managed to reach the 2019 Copa America finals which could prove too much for Mexico to handle. On paper, El Tri is much stronger but has lacked the look of a serious side recently. 

Predicted Score: Mexico 0-1 Peru 

3.) QF3: (GC1 vs GD2) Uruguay vs Colombia:

Uruguay vs Colombia could prove to be one of the biggest games of the summer if the two nations face each other in the quarterfinals. Uruguay have struggled against Colombia in their recent meetings, but on the biggest stage, the young side will prevail. The game might be a visual treat for fans of aggressive, intense football and could prove to be a memorable event.

Predicted Score: Uruguay 2-1 Colombia

4.) QF4: (GD1 vs GC2) Brazil vs USA

The USMNT will be at home and have the backing of vocal fans in the Copa America quarterfinal tie. However, in our Copa America 2024 predictions, we believe Brazil is stronger enough to defeat the young American side. America is certainly coming into the summer tournament with a strong side but could lack the experience to see them advance to the semi-final.

Predicted Score: Brazil 3-1 USA


Brazil in Copa America 2024 Predictions
Brazil are favorites to win in the Copa America 2024 predictions (Getty Images)

In our Copa America 2024 predictions, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, and Brazil are the four nations which will make the semifinals in the tournament. The margin for error at this stage will be low and all nations will look to minimize their mistakes to reach the grand final of the tournament in the United States.

SF1: Argentina vs Peru

The two nations will face each other for a second time in the tournament after their first battle in the group stage. While the underdogs Peru will dream of an extended run in the cup, Argentina will break the hearts of Peruvian fans as they will prove to be too strong for Peru. In our Copa America 2024 predictions, Argentina will win the game comfortably and head to a consecutive final in Copa America. 

Predicted Score: Argentina 2-0 Peru

SF2: Uruguay vs Brazil

The Uruguayans fight like Vikings on the pitch, but Brazil will scrape through to the finals in the Copa America 2024 predictions. Uruguay will give it all on the pitch and they will certainly bruise the Brazilians but they will fall just short. 

Predicted Score: Uruguay 1-2 Brazil (AET)

Copa America 2024 Finals:

After a month full of trials and tribulations only two nations will reach the finals and in the Copa America 2024 predictions, it will be Argentina and Brazil. The two nations will face off in a repeat of the 2021 Copa America final and this time Brazil will look to avenge their loss from last time. However, Lionel Messi-led Argentina will be prepared for the onslaught of Brazil and will reign supreme yet again. The closely contested battle won’t see many goals, but fans will witness a battle of blood in the United States of America.

Predicted Score: Argentina 2-1 Brazil 

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