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Why Did Ronaldo Protest against the Referee After VAR Decision Overturned Al-Nassr’s Opening Goal against Al-Hilal?

Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t happy with VAR overturning Al-Nassr’s goal in the Saudi Super Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo cut across as a frustrating figure after Al-Nassr’s opening goal in the Saudi Super Cup’s semi-final against Al-Hilal was disallowed for him being in an offside position. The initial call went to the VAR, and the officials then agreed to the verdict of the goal not standing due to the Portuguese positioning when the cross was delivered.

A fair explanation for this could be termed that CR7 looked as though he attempted to play the ball, however, he might not have touched it. The law then chips in with the suggestion then if a player attempts to play the ball and is in an offside position, the goal then scored by the same team, doesn’t matter who scores it in the same phase of play, would be disallowed.

However, Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t too happy with the verdict as he thought the goal should have stood and was seen protesting against the decision. He was spotted in a heated confrontation with the match referee and seemed quite perplexed about the whole scenario. From his mannerisms, it did visibly appear that he was stating to the referee that he didn’t get a touch of the ball before the goal was scored.

After a lengthy span of argument with the ref, CR7 then carried on to play the rest of the match with an impending sense of injustice over his shoulder. He and his team didn’t have the best of the day out against rivals Al-Hilal. Al-Nassr went on to lose the Saudi Super Cup semifinal by a scoreline of 2-1 and crashed out of the competition in a rather dramatic manner.

Cristiano Ronaldo went on to receive a red card in the closing stages of the match against Al-Hilal

The game went from bad to worse for Al-Nassr captain Cristiano Ronaldo as he received a straight red card in the 86th minute of the match leaving his team down to 10 men for the closing stages of the match. His red card killed any further hopes of Al-Nassr’s late comeback in the crucial semifinal tie against Al-Hilal on the day.

Cristiano Ronaldo Receives Red Card

It was perhaps building from the very initial phases of the match when he protested against his side’s disallowed goal and was consistently in the ears of the referee reflecting his disappointment with the decision being made. However, his fate was sealed when he was caught elbowing an opponent’s player in the last five minutes of the initial 90.

The incident was characterized as a serious offence worthy of a red card by the match officials and resulted in a red card for the veteran forward. As per the reports, Ronaldo would receive an initial suspension of one match for his red card. However, his total suspension count has been extended to two matches regarded as an initial match ban served for his below-par and disgraceful behaviour against the match officials in the semi-final clash.

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