Rule changes in football

The Dutch Football Association came up with ideas of five radical rule changes in football

Football fans around the world have not finished being baffled about how complicated handball or offside regulations are. But in the future, there will be more dynamic changes in the way football is played. Especially after KNVB, the Dutch Football Association proposed five brave ideas. 

This week, KNVB came up with ideas about five suggestions in the regulation. First, they suggested in the future that players should be doing kicks-in instead of throw-in.

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Dutch FA Proposes Radical Rule Changes in Football

The second point they proposed was self-passes from free kicks. For these two particular rules, the KNVB have implemented the idea in their youth football. Also, they also want sin-bin to be implemented. 

Discussions about sin-bin were on the table a while ago but FIFA President, Gianni Infantino, refused the idea, making it on-hold for a moment. Thirdly, KNVB hoped that in the future there would not be a limitation in terms of substitutions. With flying subs regulation, managers would freely take as many as players for substitution. 

The existing 45-minute half time is also the one to be changed according to the proposal. Instead, KNVB proposed that each half should be played for only 30 minutes. To make it precise, there should be a timekeeper to make sure that each halves were played effectively for 30 minutes. 

Decision about whether the idea was approved or not is now in the hands of the International Football Association Boards.  However, it is unlikely that these revolutionary ideas will be approved in the near future.

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