Neymar Al-Hilal's Contract

Neymar’s Off-Field Struggles: Weight Gain and Contract Rumors Amid Injury Recovery

In the midst of recovering from a ligament tear sustained in October, Brazilian football star Neymar Jr is making headlines for reasons beyond his on-field performance as Contract termination talks emerges.

Recent reports highlight concerns about his significant weight gain during a cruise ship voyage, sparking debates about his health and commitment to returning to top form after an extended period of inactivity.

Reasons Why Neymar Contract Termination Talks Sparked

Here are three key points you need to know about Neymar’s current situation:

Lengthy Absence: Neymar has been out of action since October when he suffered a ligament tear during a FIFA World Cup Qualifier against Uruguay. The injury has kept him sidelined, raising questions about the impact on his career.

Weight Gain Worries: While recovering, Neymar’s recent cruise ship voyage brought attention to his noticeable weight gain. This off-field concern has shifted the focus from his on-field performances, leading to discussions about his physical condition and dedication to regaining top performance.

Contract Controversy: Rumors of Neymar’s contract termination with Al-Hilal have been refuted as “fake news.” Journalist Saif Al Saif clarified that Neymar’s absence from Al-Hilal’s Saudi Pro League roster is a strategic move to open a registration spot for new recruit Renan Lodi.

Lodi’s addition became possible due to Neymar’s season-ending injury, creating an opportunity for the club to adjust its foreign player registrations.

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Contrary to speculation, reputable journalists such as Al Saif and Fabrizio Romano deny reports of Neymar’s contract termination.

While Neymar is currently unregistered in the Saudi Pro League, he remains eligible to compete in the AFC Champions League and other international events if he returns before the season concludes. However, local Saudi events like the King’s Cup may be limited under current regulations.

As Neymar continues his recovery from the ligament injury, his contract with Al-Hilal remains intact. Anticipation surrounds his return to the Saudi Pro League, showcasing his abilities in the upcoming season once he fully heals.