Florian Wirtz

“Definitely having a great time”: Florian Wirtz comments on Bayern Munich rumours

    Florian Wirtz shocked the world with his dazzling performance in the Bayer Leverkusen kit during the 2023/24 season. As many other German prodigy, no matter which club they played for, being linked with Bayern Munich is inevitable. That is the case with Wirtz at the moment. 

    The rumour was sparked by German legend Jurgen Kohler, who believed that Wirtz would join Bayern one way or another. Even the 1990 World Cup winner said that Wirtz was not the only current Leverkusen player who will join Die Rotten in the future, adding Jonathan Tah into the discussion. 

    Florian Wirtz has been under Bayern’s radar

    “Bayern ‘s great strength has always been that they have the best German national players,” Kohler said via Goal. “I think Tah should make this move because as a player you always strive for the highest possible, even if he had a sensational season with Leverkusen. Florian Wirtz will be the next to sign for Bayern.”

    Wirtz, on the other hand, is clear about his position. The 22-year old stated that there was no other club in his mind apart from Die Werkself, vowing that he would do his best for the Champions League next season. 

    “Everyone knows my contract,” Wirtz said. “Now is not the time to talk about it. I’m definitely having a great time in Leverkusen and I feel good. The European Championship is 100 per cent on my mind right now. I don’t care about anything else right now.”

    Leverkusen returned to the Champions League after missing one season in the 2023/24. Like the rest of the club’s squad, Wirtz would go all out for their manager Xabi Alonso, who rejected Bayern’s offer to stay with Leverkusen for another European adventure.