Is Kai Havertz Facing Potential Suspension?

Is Kai Havertz Facing Potential Suspension?

As Arsenal continues their pursuit for Premier League glory a potential obstacle looms in the form of Kai Havertz’s suspension risk posing a threat to Mikel Arteta’s title aspirations.

Kai Havertz On the Verge of Getting Two Match Suspension

Throughout Mikel Arteta’s tenure Arsenal’s disciplinary record has undergone a noticeable transformation.

Once dwelling in the bottom half of the fair play table the Gunners have now ascended to the top boasting commendable discipline with significantly fewer yellow and red cards.

However, amidst this commendable improvement, Kai Havertz stands out as a potential liability. The summer signing has accumulated ten yellow cards across all competitions making him the most carded player in the team.

In the Premier League alone Havertz’s seven yellow cards raise concerns as one more booking could trigger a two-match suspension.

Nevertheless, there’s a glimmer of hope for Havertz and Arsenal. The suspension threshold reaches a crucial juncture after the 32nd game week offering a potential reprieve for the midfielder.

If Havertz can steer clear of bookings in the upcoming Premier League fixtures against Luton Town Brighton and Aston Villa he can avert the looming suspension threat.

Havertz’s playing style often characterized by an edgy demeanour reminiscent of former Chelsea striker Diego Costa has injected a newfound intensity into Arsenal’s attack.

Positioned as the team’s center-forward Havertz’s resurgence under Arteta has proven instrumental to Arsenal’s title charge.

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Draws Parallels with Man City

With Arsenal eyeing a flawless run-in to bolster their title ambitions Havertz’s availability becomes paramount. Mikel Arteta understands the implications of losing such a pivotal asset to suspension as demonstrated by Manchester City’s costly absence of Rodri earlier in the season.

As the Premier League title race intensifies Arteta and Arsenal must navigate the precarious situation surrounding Havertz’s disciplinary predicament ensuring their pursuit of silverware remains unhindered.

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