Jude Bellingham could face ban

BREAKING: Jude Bellingham under investigation for gesture against Slovakia, could face ban

England superstar Jude Bellingham’s gesture against Slovakia is under investigation and he could face a ban from UEFA.

UEFA is investigating a gesture that was made by Jude Bellingham after he scored a late equalising goal for England against Slovakia at Euro 2024 on Sunday.

In their investigation opening statement, European football’s governing body said, Bellingham allegedly broke the rules regarding “the basic rules of decent conduct”.

What was Jude Bellingham’s gesture?

Bellingham was seen making a ‘crotch-grabbing’ gesture after scoring an overhead kick in stoppage time. The England star has since gone on and denied it on social media that his gesture wasn’t aimed at the Slovakian bench, but was an inside joke with his England teammates.

Jude Bellingham's gesture under UEFA investigation
Jude Bellingham

The rule UEFA are referring to is article 11 2b, which says anyone subject to UEFA regulations has to respect the “principles of ethical conduct, loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship.” Sky Sports News below reveals more details!

Anyone whose conduct is “insulting or otherwise violates the basic rules of decent conduct” could be in breach.

In the past, a similar incident between Cristiano Ronaldo and Diego Simeone took place in the Champions League in the year 2019!

In that, Ronaldo was fined, but avoided a ban. Simeone was also just fined for making the gesture in the first leg.

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