Juventus Kits for 2024-25 Season

Juventus Kits for 2024-25 Season: All you need to know

The Club Kit often becomes the talk of the town ahead of the beginning of a new season so in this article we will cover all the information you require on the new Juventus Jersey for the 2024–25 campaign.

Juventus Kits for 2024-25 Season

Juventus will continue to wear Adidas-designed uniforms, albeit the Old Lady is anticipated to go back to a more conventional appearance for the 2024–25 campaign.

With the German sportswear company, who has chosen to go with a few daring designs over the years, this is their eighth season together.

It’s still unclear, though, if Juventus will proceed with a sponsorless kit or negotiate a longer contract with Jeep as their primary shirt sponsor.

Juventus 2024-25 Season Kit, Release Date & Price

The Home Kit

Although it hasn’t been revealed yet, the new Juventus home uniform should be unveiled in June or July of 2024. Online leaks indicate that the kit’s design will differ from the 2023–24 edition and have broader stripes that are reminiscent of the 2018–19 model.

Adidas has abandoned its usage of yellow in favour of the classic black and white outline, with black vertical curtains displaying the club emblem and corporate logo.

If the uniform is released by July, it would be intriguing to see if Juventus will serve as the primary shirt sponsor. Jeep’s sponsorship would end after the 2023–2024 season.

You should expect to pay approximately Β£80 ($100) for the new Juventus 2024–25 home uniform.

The Away Kit

According to online leaks, Juventus may switch to a more contemporary and eye-catching away uniform in 2024–2025.

Large areas of sun yellow on white are intended to be the main colour. Dark grey is used for the three-shoulder stripes, the Juve crest, and the Adidas logo. It will be enhanced by light pink inserts on either side and a cutaway in the grey material that extends to the lower back.

In June or July 2024, the Juventus 2024–25 away uniform is anticipated to go on sale. It will cost about Β£80 ($100), similar to the home outfit, while the real strip will set you back about Β£130 ($165).

The Third Kit

The unpacking video by F J V Z provides a very clear hint that Adidas is planning to go a bit more fun with the pattern, in line with the rumoured design of Juventus’ new third kit for 2024–25.

The new Juventus alternate skin features a golden insignia and an anthracite colour scheme. Its well-thought-out polo collar makes it perfect for casual use.

In terms of appearance, the Juventus zebra crest and the Trefoil emblem also add a sophisticated touch. The third outfit will typically go on sale in August and cost the same as the home and away jerseys.

The Goalkeeper Jerseys

In order to match each of their uniforms and be prepared in case of colour conflicts, Juventus will probably have three distinct custodian kits.

The Old Lady’s 2024–25 uniforms for players like Wojciech Szczesny and Mattia Perin are still unknown, but last year’s outfits featured blue, lime green, and red.

The new Juventus custodian uniform may set you back about Β£100 ($125).