Man United Denied Penalty in Clash with Arsenal

VAR Controversy: Why Man United Denied Penalty in Clash with Arsenal

The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system once again finds itself at the centre of controversy in the Premier League prompting scrutiny over its decision-making process and the application of football laws.

Man United vs Arsenal VAR review: Penalty Decision

In the latest installment of the Man United vs Arsenal VAR Review, attention is drawn to a pivotal moment in the clash between Manchester United and Arsenal where the Red Devils were left aggrieved by a possible penalty decision.

During the encounter, Manchester United’s Amad found himself in a promising attacking position in the 37th minute when Arsenal’s Thomas Partey challenged him at the edge of the penalty area.

The ensuing collision with Gabriel saw Amad go to ground which prompted appeals for a penalty from the United camp. Referee Paul Tierney opted against awarding the spot-kick which eventually resulted in intervention from VAR John Brooks for a review.

After careful consideration, the Man United vs Arsenal VAR review concluded that there was no grounds for a penalty. While initial comparisons were drawn to a similar penalty awarded to Arsenal against Bournemouth the previous weekend, key differences in the incidents were noted.

Crucially, Partey managed to make contact with the ball before Amad’s subsequent collision with Gabriel, altering the dynamics of the situation.

Man United vs Arsenal VAR review: Why VAR Overturned Man United Penalty Call?

The Premier League’s Independent Key Match Incidents Panel provided further insight, affirming the decision to award Arsenal a penalty in the previous match against Bournemouth, while also validating the non-involvement of VAR in overturning the decision.

Additionally, the panel upheld the ruling to disallow Bournemouth’s goal and the decision not to issue a red card for a challenge on Bukayo Saka.

The incident highlights the ongoing debate surrounding VAR’s role in officiating Premier League matches and raises questions about consistency and interpretation of football laws.


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