Mexico vs USA Player Ratings- Tyler Adams and Giovanni Reyna Take USA to a Stellar Victory

Mexico vs USA Player Ratings- Tyler Adams and Giovanni Reyna Take USA to a Stellar Victory

USA registered their third Concacaf title after defeating Mexico by a scoreline of 0-2 in their own backyard. The visitors looked threatening from the on-set and didn’t waste any opportunity to create clear-cut chances in the game. While Mexico struggled to get a foothold in the match, their rivals USA were able to take cruise control of the proceedings from the early stages of the match.

Despite the possession stats remaining quite similar for both teams, it was the Americans who were able to make the most of the ball at their feet. The plethora of chances that the USA created finally resulted in terms of goals for them. The visitors took the lead through Tyler Adams’ goal in the 45th minute of the match. They then further went on to win the Concacaf Nations League final with the help of Giovanni Reyna’s 63rd-minute goal.

On the other hand, it was a frustrating night for the Mexican players as they struggled to fail any major clear-cut chances in front of the goal. Neither the defenders nor the attacking players looked like putting in a major effort to turn things around in the all-important final match.

Here are the Mexico vs USA Player Ratings:

Mexico Player Ratings

G.Ochoa– 5.7 | The Mexican goalkeeper made four saves in the match against the USA but conceded two goals.

C.Montes – 6.5 | The Mexican defender had a decent game despite his team ending up on the losing side. Montes played for the entire span of 90 minutes and completed 25 successful passes, committed three fouls, and indulged in one feisty tackle.

J.Vasquez– 6.6 | Playing for the full 90 minutes Vasquez accounted for 31 passes and committed one foul

J. Gallardo– 5.7 | Substituted in the 89th minute of the match, Gallardo had 21 passes, four tackles, and one foul to his tally during the Concacaf Nations League final outing

J.Sanchez– 5.5 | Sanchez had a below-average game vs USA. He completed 17 passes but failed to be defensively solid.

E.Alvarez– 7 | Playing for 90 minutes, the Mexico midfielder had one shot on goal but looked lively on the pitch.

E.Sanchez– 5.7 | The midfielder had an average outing against the USA. He played for 65 minutes in all and had no shots to his name.

L. Chavez– 6.9 | Chavez played for 80 minutes and registered two shots to his tally.

H. Martin– 5.1 | The Mexican forward remained ineffective for most of the match and had one sole shot to his name.

H. Lozano– 6.7 | Lozano delivered an average performance on the day and registered two shots towards the goal.

U. Antuna– 5.2 | Untuna was substituted after the 65th-minute mark of the match after an underwhelming performance.


Santiago Gimenez– 6.7 | Gimenez did well in 25 minutes which he got. He looked threatening and had one shot to his name.

Luis Romo– 5.2| Romo got 10 minutes towards the end of the game and wasn’t able to make any significant contribution.

Gerardo Arteaga– 5.1| Artega got a minimum span of about one minute towards the end of the match.

Orbelin Pineda– 6.7 | Played well in the 25 minutes that he got and had one shot towards the goal.

USA Player Ratings

M.Turner– 6.9 | The USA goalkeeper managed to keep a clean sheet and made two crucial saves.

S.Dest– 7| Had a decent match as a defender and completed 16 key passes while committing only one foul.

C.Richards– 6.7 | Playing for the entire span of 90 minutes, Richards had 38 successful passes to his tally and also made two decent tackles.

T.Ream– 6.5 | The USA defender accounted for 51 passes and one outrageous tackle.

A. Robinson– 6.4 | Robinson had an above-average outing in the Mexico vs USA Concacaf Nations League Final. He registered 30 key passes and committed only a sole foul.

Tyler Adams– 7.7| Playing for 45 minutes, Tyler scored a superb goal for the USA in his tally of two shots towards the goal.

Giovanni Reyna– 7.5 | In his 79 minutes, Reyna netted a goal for USA giving his side a 0-2 lead on the night.

W.Mckennie– 6.7 | Mckennie performed well for his team on the night of the final as he chipped in with a crucial assist for one of the USA’s goals.

T.Weah– 6.5 | The forward had an average outing against Mexico. He looked lively and had two shots to his name.

Haji Wright– 6.2 | Wright had a below-par match. In his tally of 66 minutes, he wasn’t able to do anything significant for his side.

Christian Pulisic– 7.5 | The USA forward looked in good touch and registered three shots towards the goal in his 89 minutes on the pitch.


Yunus Musah– 6.4 | Musah looked good in his substitute appearance although he played for only a mere sum of 11 minutes.

Malik Tilman– 5.9 | Tilman came towards the very end of the game against Mexico and wasn’t able to make any significant contribution.

Brendon Aaronson– 5.8 | The midfielder made a substitute appearance towards the later stages of the Mexico vs USA clash.

Folarin Balogun– 6.2 | Balogun did well in whatever time frame he got as a substitute and looked competitive on the night.

Johnny Cardoso– 6.1 | Johnny played for a sum of about 45 minutes and had one shot to his tally.

So, these were the Mexico vs USA Player Ratings from the Concacaf Nations League Final match.

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