Peter Crouch points out the only reason “class act” Xabi Alonso could be a failure if he joins Liverpool

Peter Crouch points out the only reason “class act” Xabi Alonso could be a failure if he joins Liverpool

Peter Crouch has backed Xabi Alonso to replace Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool. However, he is worried that the Spaniard might have been given the opportunity too early but is confident in the Bayer Leverkusen manager’s abilities. 

Speaking to talkSPORT, Crouch stated that Alonso is a ‘class act’ as a man and has a great connection with the players. He added that the Spaniard was a leader at Anfield when they played together under Rafa Benitez. 

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He said:

“I played with Xabi. Absolute class act as a man. Even at that age he was a link between the manager and the players. He was kind of like the leader of the Spanish contingent who Rafa [Benitez] brought in and everyone loved him as a person. Absolute class act. You could see him going on to be a manager, he was always asking questions. He wanted to know about English culture when he played here.”

Crouch added:

“He’s played in Germany. He’s played in Spain. So, he’s got all this armoury and he’s done such an amazing job at Leverkusen as well. I think he’d be absolutely ideal. It’s just whether or not it comes too early because it is still very, very early in his managerial career.”

Xabi Alonso is reported to be the front-runner for the Liverpool job this summer. Roberto De Zerbi, Thomas Frank, Ange Postecoglou, Julian Nagelsmann, Ruben Amorim and Francesco Farioli have also been linked with the job by Sky Sports. 

Why is Jurgen Klopp leaving Liverpool?

Jurgen Klopp has announced that he will be stepping down from his managerial role at Liverpool. The German claimed that he is running out of energy and needs a break from work. 

He announced his decision earlier this season and said via the club website:

“I can understand that it’s a shock for a lot of people in this moment, when you hear it for the first time, but obviously I can explain it – or at least try to explain it. I “love absolutely everything about this club, I love everything about the city, I love everything about our supporters, I love the team, I love the staff. I love everything. But that I still take this decision shows you that I am convinced it is the one I have to take.”

He continued:

“It is that I am, how can I say it, running out of energy. I have no problem now, obviously, I knew it already for longer that I will have to announce it at one point, but I am absolutely fine now. I know that I cannot do the job again and again and again and again.”

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Xabi Alonso has been on a stunning run with Bayer Leverkusen and is still unbeaten in all competitions this season. 

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