Premier League Title Race

Tottenham Hotspur affirm their position towards Arsenal’s title race when hosting Manchester City

Every Tottenham Hotspur fan around the world is in a tricky situation at the moment. With The Lilywhites playing Manchester City at home, the team has to win to secure the European spot for next season. 

However, at the same time, a win could benefit their same-city rival in North London, Arsenal, in the title race this season. Refusing to care too much about the title race and stuff, some Spurs fans affirmed their position regarding the situation.  

Premier League Title Race: Spurs fans have no mercy for Arsenal

Soon after the kick-off was underway, in the beginning of the game against Man City, the whole stadium sang: “Stand up, if you hate Arsenal/ stand up, if you hate Arsenal.”

Before the game, Postecoglou has slammed all the fans on social media who expect Spurs to lose the game. The Greece-born admitted that he did not get the point of such a fuss, wanting your team to lose so the other team could fail to win title. 

“If you’re going by social media then 99 percent of them will [want Spurs to lose] but please don’t tell me that’s your world,” Postecoglou said via Goal. “If it is, you need counseling. I understand rivalry but I’ll never understand anyone wanting their own team to lose.

“You think the majority of our fans are not going to want us to win? I don’t see it that way. I think the majority will create the atmosphere they always create because we’ve got a game of football to try and win.”

The fifth position is the best Spurs can get regarding the result against City. Ange Postecoglou’s squad firmly sit there with 64 points in hand and one game to go. Should they beat The Citizens, the maximum points would be 67, which is one point away to match Aston Villa’s current tally of 68.