Vinicius Jr press conference ended in tears

Why did Vinicius Jr get emotional during the press conference? VIRAL VIDEO

A video currently making waves on the internet is of a Vinicius Jr Press Conference as the Brazilian star broke into tears while addressing the media. Here is the video and what happened!

Vinicius Jr Press Conference: What happened?

Ahead of Brazil’s friendly with Spain, a Vinicius Jr press conference saw the young sensation break into tears while talking to the media. The 23-year-old was in the middle of answering a question on racism in football and racial abuse he has endured during his time in Spain while playing for Real Madrid when the winger lost his composure and broke down into tears. This wasn’t the first incident which saw Vinicius Jr crying as he has continually been a target of racist slurs over the last couple of years. In fact the international friendly between Brazil and Spain has been organized to show solidarity amongst players and to fight racism.

The international friendly between Brazil and Spain will be played under the banner of ‘One Skin’, a slogan specifically designed to highlight the inclusive nature of football that focuses on talent and unity irrespective of race. The tie is set to be held at Santiago Bernabeu, Vini Jr’s  home ground while playing for Real Madrid. The talented winger has often been a victim of blatant racism while donning Real Madrid’s kit in Spain and has been an advocate calling for change.

Vinicius Jr Press Conference: “ Losing my desire to play”

Addressing the media in the Vinicius Jr press conference ahead of the tie, Vini said, “I am sure Spain is not a racist country, but there are many racists here and many of them are in stadiums,” he said. “That’s got to change because the people don’t really know what racism is. It’s difficult; I’m only 23 years old and I’ve had to tell many Spanish people what racism really is, what affects me and that my family are left at home sad [because of it]. Vini also spoke about slowly losing his desire to play as things remained the same as there was a lack of effort in punishing the racists. 

The situation in Spain has certainly not improved for the young Vinicius Jr as people in stadiums have continued to direct vile racist slurs at him despite numerous complaints filed by Real Madrid and the 23-year-old youngster. Speaking on the failure of the machinery in Spain to bring about change in the Vinicius Jr press conference, the winger said, “ It’s exhausting because you feel like you are alone. I’ve made so many official complaints but no one is ever punished.”

Vinicius Jr isn’t the only player who has been the target of racists in Spain either as several players like Antonio Rudiger, David Alaba, Ronald Araujo have all been racially abused over the course of the last couple of years in Spain. It remains to be seen how the Spanish federation tackles the situation as they have massively failed to reduce the filthy racism in stadiums till now. 

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