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7 Players From Copa America 2007 are Still Playing in 2024

The Copa America 2024 is around the corner. Before the tournament begins in June in the USA, let’s go down memory lane to have a look at the 2007 Copa America that was organized in Venezuela. Brazil won their eighth CONMEBOL title, beating arch-rivals Argentina 3-0 in the final of the soccer tournament.

It has been seventeen years since that memorable sporting event. Many things have happened in these years – From a Lionel Messi retirement to Argentina’s FIFA World Cup glory, from Cristiano Ronaldo‘s Euro Victory to France’s graceful World Cup journey. Many careers have been made, whereas many legendary footballers have hung up their boots in this period.

Meanwhile, there are seven players who featured in the 2007 Copa America tournament, who are still gracing the world of football with their long-lasting talent in 2024. We, at Sportsdunia, bring you these seven Latin American jewels’ present whereabouts.

Guillermo Ochoa

Copa America
Guillermo Ochoa (Credit: Getty)

Every time a FIFA World Cup arrives, this Mexican man shows up to show the world that he is not someone to be forgotten so easily. During the 2007 Copa America, Ochoa was 21 years old, and now, in 2024, he is plying his trade with the Serie A side, Salernitana. He becomes a beast during any summer tournament for his country, keeping his mediocre club performances aside. That’s why he is widely regarded as Mr. World Cup. A man who knows the true meaning of the sentence – “Nation comes first.”

Vagner Love

Copa America
Vagner Love (Credit: Getty)

Vagner Silva de Souza, or simply Vagner Love, is a monumental figure in Brazil’s football history. This man simply doesn’t stop. The 39-year-old forward is presently balling for Atletico Goianiense in the Brazilian top division. From 2007 to 2024, these long seventeen years have only managed to give a shot in the arms, making him more energetic.

Hugo Rodallega

Copa America
Hugo Rodallega (Credit: Getty)

In soccer, who could have believed the durability of a footballer could exceed expectations until Hugo Rodallega arrived on the scene? The Colombian was seen in Venezuela representing his country in CONMEBOL, and now he is playing for Sane Fe. The forward is still considered a hero at Wigan Athletic. He is still the English club’s all-time top scorer in the Premier League. Well, that’s not an easy feat to achieve, especially in England.

Andres Guardado

Copa America
Andres Guardado (Credit: Getty)

This man is of football heritage. When he was exploding into the top level, he was roped in by Deportivo La Coruna in 2007. He has spent most of his football career in Spain. The Mexican midfielder has always been a prominent star for the national team in almost every tournament he has played in so far. His versatility propelled him to play as a winger and a full-back on turf time and again. The former Real Betis man is now providing his service in Leon.

Brad Guzan

Copa America
Brad Guzan (Credit: Twitter)

If you are a fan of Premier League football, then you must have seen Brad Guzan standing between the sticks for Aston Villa. The 39-year-old goalkeeper, who played in the 2007 Copa America, is now plying his trade with Atlanta United in Major League Soccer. Many call him a timeless machine because of his evergreen physique. He still looks like the same player who used to look after the last defensive line at Villa Park at the weekend.

Diego Godin

Copa America
Diego Godin (Credit: Twitter)

The Uruguayan center-back was one of the reasons behind the rise of Atletico Madrid’s in European football. His presence as the defensive head provided Diego Simeone a sense of relief in La Liga. Remember those aerial battles between him and Cristiano Ronaldo during the Madrid Derbies in La Liga not more than a decade ago? The Champions League runner-up left Europe two years ago and now plays for Porongos in his nation.

Gonzalo Jara

Copa America
Gonzalo Jara (Credit: Getty)

Once a notable figure in English football, Gonzalo Jara’s existence in the current stream of soccer is mysterious. As far as his journey as a footballer is concerned, he is a registered player for the Chilean outfit, Coquimbo Unido. Now the question remains, why is Jara a figure to remember? His theatrics in the 2015 Copa America made him a newspaper hero overnight. The center-back allegedly shoved his finger up Uruguay’s Edinson Cavani’s anus and slapped him. It all happened in the same soccer tournament. He was later banned, resulting in his contract termination in Mainz.

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