Abdullah Al Oaisher: Early Life, Clubs, Family, Net Worth, Career and Stats

Abdullah Al Oaisher: Early Life, Clubs, Family, Net Worth, Career and Stats

Abdullah Al Oaisher born on May 13, 1991, is a professional footballer from Saudi Arabia. He plays as a goalkeeper. At present Abdullah Al Oaisher is playing for the football club Al Ettifaq in Saudi Pro League season 2023/24.

Personal Information

Full NameAbdullah Hussain Al Oaisher
Date of BirthMay 13, 1991
NationalitySaudi Arabia
Birth PlaceAl Hasa, Saudi Arabia.
Height1.84 m
Current TeamAl Ettifaq
Networth$ 5 million estimated

Early Life

Abdullah Al Oaisher was born on May 13, 1999. He started his career in 2009 after signing a professional contract with Al Fateh. It was from this moment that his career escalated and he got exposure to many big leagues thereafter. After some time he was transferred to Al Nassr club. Then he got a contract with Ohod Club. In 2019 he entered into a contract with Al Shabab.

After a while, he signed a contract with Al Wehda. At present Abdullah Al Oaisher is in a contract with Al Ettifaq. He had a deep passion for the football. He was very talented from a young age and had a great passion for the sport. He started to play young and thus started to excel in the game.

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Club Career

Abdullah Al Oaisher, Saudi Pro League, Al Ettifaq,

Abdullah Al Oaisher initiated his career with a contract with Al Fateh Club. He then joined Al Nassr club and is playing for Al Ettifaq as a goalkeeper. Here is the overview of the clubs Abdullah Al Oaisher has been associated with:

  • Al Fateh: Abdullah Al Oaisher joined Al Fateh. In his professional career, he played the most number of seasons for Al Fateh and his career-best performance is with Al Fateh club. Abdullah Al Oaisher appeared for one hundred and nine matches and played eight seasons for club Al Fateh. He saved one hundred and eight goals where he played for nine thousand six hundred and eighty-eight minutes.
  • Al Nassr: Oaisher played for Al Nassr in one season. He played for forty-four minutes.
  • Ohod: Abdullah Al Oaisher played for one season with Ohod club and appeared six times in the league. He saved six goals and played for five hundred and forty minutes.
  • Al Shabab: Oaisher played one season for Al Shabab where he made appearances in three matches and played for two hundred and thirty-eight minutes thus saving two goals in the league.
  • Al Wehda: Only one season had been played by Abdullah Al Oaisher with club Al Wehda.He appeared for twenty-nine matches and saved twenty-nine goals. He played for two thousand six hundred and ten minutes.
  • Al Ettifaq: Abdullah Al Oaisher has currently been playing for Al Ettifaq and has played one season so far with the club. He had saved three goals and played for two hundred and seventy minutes.

Oaisher had played in the Arab Club Championship Cup for one season where he saved two goals and played for one hundred and eighty minutes. He played four seasons of Champions Cup; and made four appearances in the league. Oaisher played one season of AFC Champions and played for two hundred and seventy minutes. He made four appearances in Crown Prince Cup where he saved four goals.

International Career

So far Abdullah Al Oaisher has not played any international league and if he gets a chance he will perform well.

Awards and Achievements

Al Fateh:

Saudi Professional League:2012-13.

Saudi Super Cup:2013

Al Nassr:

Saudi Professional League:2018-19

Career Stats

Abdullah Al Oaisher’s career stats show his sheer determination and passion for the game. He had made hundreds of appearances in domestic league matches and other competitions. His discipline on the field is also good with a record of fewer red cards as compared to yellow cards. Abdullah Al Oaisher’s journey from his early life to a footballer is proof of his talent and commitment to football. Here are some of his career stats.

Al Fateh2010-1110
Al Nassr2018-1910
Al Shabab2019-2010
Al Wehda2020-21270

His best performances include some matches. Here are some of the matches with his performances

Al Shabab vs Al Shorta

In a match between Al Shabab vs Al Shorta Abdullah Al Oaisher gained 8.4 points and the match was won by Al Shabab 6-0.

Al Ettifaq vs Al Fateh

Abdullah Al Oaisher gained 8 points in a match between Al Ettifaq and Al Fateh with Al Fateh being victorious. Al Fateh won by 4-0.

Al Hilal vs Al Fateh

Abdullah Al Oaisher gained 7.9 points while playing against Al Hilal. Al Fateh won by 3-0.

Al Khaleej vs Al Fateh

Oaisher gained 7.6 points in a match between Al Khaleej and Al Fateh. Al Fateh won by 2-0.

Abdullah Al Oaisher played eight seasons for Al Fateh club. With Al Fateh club his best performance was saving one hundred and eight goals and playing for nine thousand six hundred and eighty-eight minutes.

Personal Life

Abdullah Al Oaisher was supported by his family from the start and his family encouraged him to pursue his career in the sport. He played in so many matches and was very passionate about the game. His records show his commitment to the game. The encouragement of his family played an important role in the overall professional growth of Abdullah’s career.

Net Worth

Abdullah Al Oaisher’s overall net worth is nearly $5 million.


Abdullah Al Oaisher was supported by his parents and grew up with his siblings. His family always supported his dreams. Apart from this very limited information is known about Abdullah Al Oaisher’s family.


Abdullah Al Oaisher prefers to keep his love life private and nothing much is known about his partner


Abdullah Al Oaisher’s house details are not specifically available due to privacy concerns. It can be concluded that with an estimated worth of $5 Million, he likely lives in a luxurious property suiting his status.