Alcohol ban in Euro 2024

Alcohol ban introduced at stadiums during Euro 2024

Germany have imposed an alcohol ban inside the stadiums during Euro 2024. The fans will be served beers at the stands but will not be allowed to take them to their seats.

Chief Police Director Peter Both has confirmed that the decision has been made and told The Sun:

“In contrast to the league match, we have agreed that alcoholic drinks purchased in the stadium may not be taken into the stadium. This means that they cannot, as is usually the case, buy two carriers of beer and then take them to their seats. They are only allowed to consume alcoholic drinks at the stands.”

The decision to ban alcohol at the seats comes as a shock to England fans, as Germany allows beer even for teenagers at the stadium. The Bundesliga did not impose such bans this season, but the law has been implemented for the next few weeks during EURO 2024.

However, the decision is not a sudden measure as the discussions started as early as December 2023. Peter Both, the security operations director for England’s tournament opener against Serbia in Gelsenkirchen, spoke to the Daily Mirror last year and revealed that the talks were taking place.

He said:

“We’re discussing the possibility of banning alcohol in the stadium and I make no secret of it. Through the spectacles of someone responsible for security and in charge of police deployment on that day, I would find it good. We are also currently checking at the moment to what extent we can apply banning alcohol in public places. In principle you’re free to drink alcohol on the street in Germany, but in big areas where fans gather in overfilled spaces we want to forbid it.”

He added:

“It’s important all police in Germany adopt a mindset of seeing the fans as peaceful rather than a threat, but we will react if something happens. You can’t exclude the fact that some will be coming with the intention of causing riots. My message to England fans is we will be prepared. If anyone does try to cause trouble we will move quickly and they will be sent home.”

EURO 2024 kicks off on 14th June, with Germany taking over Scotland in the opener. The tournament is set for exactly one month, with the final taking place on 14th July.