Di Maria’s family receives death threat in Argentina

Di Maria’s family receives death threat in Argentina

Angel Di Maria’s parents were sent a death threat in Rosario on Monday. The Argentine footballer was asked to stay away from the Argentine capital after the winger confirmed he wanted to return and play for his former club.

As per a report in ESPN via Reuters, Rosario Central ultras are not happy with DI Maria’s plans to return to the club. They have threatened to kill one of his relatives if he steps foot in the capital.

The threat read:

“Tell your son Angel not to come back to Rosario because otherwise, we’ll kill a relative. Not even Pullaro is going to save you. We don’t throw papers. We throw lead and dead people.”

Defence Minister Luis Petri has launched an operation to find those responsible for the threats. The move comes just after a sharp increase in violence by those described as ‘narco-terrorists’. 

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Club Atletico Rosario Central issues statement after Angel Di Maria gets death threat

Club Atletico Rosario Central issued a statement condemning the threats against Angel Di Maria. It read:

“We feel aggrieved, damaged, and harmed because this type of violent action is a direct attack on the economy and sporting success of the clubs. It is unacceptable that they want to intimidate footballers or attack them and/or their families, who are the main protagonists of sporting events, just as violence against any member of the football family is unacceptable.”

Angel Di Maria is currently with Benfica and has confirmed that he will be retiring from international football after Copa America this summer. The winger is also close to retiring from club football and is looking to return to his boyhood club before calling it quits.