Argentina vs Costa Rica Player Ratings

Argentina vs Costa Rica Player Ratings – Angel Di Maria and Alexis Mac Allister Shines in an Emphatic Win for the Blues

Argentina vs Costa Rica promised to be a goal-scoring fest and the match delivered on everyone’s expectation. Despite an early lead Costa Rica failed to capitalise and get a grip on the game. Argentina came storming back into the clash as the hosts registered a stellar 3-1 win coming from behind.

Angel Di Maria, Alexis Mac Allister, and substitute Lautaro Martinez were the scores for the Argentinian side after Manfred Ugalde gave Costa Rica a head start in the match as he netted in the first half of the international friendly clash. The game turned out to be a fiercely fought contest.

Here are the Argentina vs Costa Rica Player Ratings

Argentina Player Ratings

W. Benitez – 6.9 | The Argentinian goalkeeper made two crucial saves against Costa Rica, despite conceding a goal in the first half of the match.

N.Molina – 7.4 | Molina had a very decent game for Argentina. The defender registered 62 passes in total and indulged in one successful tackle. He received a yellow card for a silly foul by him.

C. Romero – 7.6 | Romero looked solid during the Argentina vs Costa Rica clash guiding the Argentinian back line meticously. He accounted for 87 key passes and 1 successful tackle.

N.Otamendi – 7.5 | Committed a single foul and registered 96 key passes.

N.Tagliafico – 7.6 | Tagliafico played for the entire duration of the 90 minutes for Argentina against Costa Rica. He looked in good touch and accounted for 71 key passes while indulging in a sole tackle and a foul.

G. Lo Celso – 7.5 | In his 72 minutes Lo Celso looked bright and registered one shot towards Costa Rica’s goal.

Alexis Mac Allister – 7.9 | The midfielder played for 60 minutes, accounting for a total of two shots and one goal. His 56th-minute goal helped Argentina take a crucial lead in the match.

Enzo Fernandez – 7.6 | Enzo was lively on the ball. He registered a sum of three shots before being substituted in the 82nd minute of the match.

Angel Di Maria – 8.3 | The Argentinian forward scored the first goal for the hosts in the 52nd minute of the match, helping his side equalise after an early setback. He took a total of five shots towards the opponent’s goal.

Argentina vs Costa Rica Player Ratings - Angel Di Maria
Angel Di Maria for Argentina [Credit: Mundo Albiceleste]

Alejandro Garnacho – 7.3 | Garnacho was substituted in the 72nd minute of the match. He played well in moments and accounted for two shots in total.

J. Alvarez – 7.4 | The forward led the front line well for Argentina. He was able to link up with midfielders during the match. He registered a tally of two shots during the entire length of the match.


Leandro Paredes – 7.2 | Paredes made a substitute appearance lasting for about 30 minutes. He was quick to adapt to the pace of the game.

Rodrigo De Paul – 7.6 | In his short and bright substitute appearance, Rodrigo De Paul registered one assist and one shot to his name.

Lautaro Martinez – 7.7 | As a substitute Martinez played a mere sum of 19 minutes. He scored the third goal for the hosts in their clash against Costa Rica.

Valentin Carboni – 7.1

Nicolas Gonzalez – 7.0

German Pezzella – 7.3 | Called -up from the bench, Pezzella played in the closing stages of the Argentina vs Costa Rica match. He completed nine key passes in his short substitute cameo.

Costa Rica Player Ratings

K. Navas – 8.4 | The Costa Rican goalkeeper was the standout player for the visitors against Argentina. He made a stellar total of 8 saves during the match.

H. Cuiros – 6.5 | Palyed for the entire length of the match and accounted for a tally of 18 passes, three fouls and two tackles.

F. Calvo – 6.7 | Calvo registered 18 key passes and indulged in one successful tackle.

J. Cascante – 6.6 | In his 90 minutes, Cascante looked bright and sharp on the ball, and completed 17 successful passes.

F.Faerron – 6.1 | Accounted for two fouls and one successful tackle.

A. Lassiter – 6.4 | Lassiter was substituted in the 89th minute of the match after having an average performance to his name for most of the match.

O. Galo – 6.4 | Ogala played decently in the midfield for Costa Rica but failed to make any game-changing contribution.

A. Alcocar – 6.1 | The midfielder had a pretty average game before finally being substituted in the 69th minute of the match.

B. Aguilera – 6.0 | Aguilera was also substituted alongside his midfield partner Alcocar as he failed to impress for the majority of his appearance.

A. Zamora – 6.6 | Zamora played well for 80 minutes before being substituted. He looked one of the brightest among the Costa Rican players.

Manfred Ugalde – 7.8 | The forward player was the major performer for the visitors against Argentina. Not only did he march the attacking line for them quite well but also scored the first goal in the 34th minute of the match to give his side an early lead.

Argentina vs Costa Rica Player Ratings - Manfred Ugalde
Manfred Ugalde for Costa Rica [Credit:]


Joseph Mora – 5.9

Elias Aguilar – 5.7

Jefferson Brenes – 6.1 | Played a sum of about 22 minutes in the second half of the match, but failed to make any significant impact on the proceedings.

Anthony Contreras – 6.0 | Called up from the substitute bench during the closing stages of the match.

Warren Madrigal – 6.3 | Madrigal played the last quarter of the Argentina vs Costa Rica match for the visitors.

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