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Arsenal vs Bournemouth: Mark Travers slams Arsenal’s controversial penalty

Arsenal continued their Premier League title quest with smashing Bournemouth three goals to nil. However the game was filled with controversy in the build up to Arsenal’s first goal.

It was Bukayo Saka who converted it from the spot, but the focus was on the controversial penalty decision. The Gunners were awarded a penalty in the first half after the VAR confirmed Bournemouth goalkeeper Mark Travers fouled Kai Havertz. The goal then opened the path for Arsenal to score another two in the second half. 

Arsenal vs Bournemouth: Mark Travers slams controversial VAR decision

After the game, Travers admitted that he was not intending to charge Havertz. The Irish goalie accused Havertz for diving to earn a penalty which they did. 

“It’s a tough one,” Travers told TNT Sports in a post-match interview.  “As a goalkeeper you’re trying to make yourself as big as possible, trying to make a save. Havertz just coming in to try to score. If he shoots first time you’re just trying to make a save. 

“I am not thinking about ‘Havertz, I am like gonna tackled him’, I am just trying to make myself big and trying to make a save. I feel he dangled his leg out,. There is contact there but from a goalkeeper point-of-view I just don’t understand. If I just come out and stand still, I don’t know am I gonna make a save so I have to try and affect the first bit and then obviously he dangled his leg out and that’s the rest of the decision.” 

The 24-year old player added that it was not easy to play Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium in moments like this. The Gunners restored the four-point gap to Manchester City who still have two games in hand.

“Coming into this game we knew it was gonna be a huge test for us. But obviously they’re fantastic side going for the title.  It was a tough afternoon at this point of result and the end.”