Best Defender Picks in FPL

Best Defender Picks in FPL Gameweek 38

As we approach the final day of the Premier League season in Gameweek 38 of 2023/24, there’s a common belief that it’s a celebration of attacking football. However, let’s consider the top five best defender picks in FPL, who have the potential to prevent it from turning into a goal-scoring extravaganza.

Ben White (Arsenal)

Best Defender Picks in FPL
Ben White for Arsenal (Credits: Getty)

Benjamin White of Arsenal provides an amazing choice for fantasy managers ahead of the last game of the campaign. Priced at £6. 1 million but he still has a balance between defense and attack which is good for the team.

With gorgeous shape and stable point earn, White is among the top defenders in the English Premier League. His performance in Gameweek 37, scoring six points, clearly shows his reliability. Additionally, his 180 points and 14 bonus points in the season affirm his consistent contribution.

Besides, although it is his main role as a defender, White has also demonstrated his offensive skills, that enhances his profile.

At the end of the season when Arsenal is taking on Everton, White’s ability to provide both defensive stability and attack threat will be seen as a strong proposition for the fantasy managers who are aiming to be on top by the end of the season.

Pedro Porro (Tottenham)

Best Defender Picks in FPL
Pedro Porro for Spurs in PL (Credits: Getty)

Pedro Porro is the cheaper defensive player alongside Tottenham priced at £5. 9 million. Despite the fact that he has been not in great shape for a while now, his current rating is rather low. 4, he has achieved a tournament average of 3 points per game.

Reflecting his consistency over the season. In Gameweek 37, Porro accumulated 10 points, which is a solid testimony of his capability to make a significant impact in the game.

With a respectable 122 points added to his tally and a bonus points of 18, he has shown his worth in the eyes of the fantasy managers. Besides, Porro ranks 199th in the list of ICT indices. Number 6 means that he can both defend and attack.

As Tottenham Hotspur faces Sheffield United in the upcoming fixture, Porro might be a smart pick to offer a defensive structure with the added benefit of attacking returns.

Joško Gvardiol (Man City)

Best Defender Picks in FPL
Josko Gvardiol in UCL 2023/24 (Credits: Getty)

Joško Gvardiol, Manchester City, offers an affordable defensive option at £5.1 million. Despite being ranked 20th among defenders in terms of price, he has been in exceptional form lately, boasting an impressive form rating of 10.8. Gvardiol’s consistent points-per-match average of 4.5 places him among the top performers in his position.

In Gameweek 37, he delivered a remarkable 27 points, highlighting his potential for explosive returns. With a total of 121 points and 12 bonus points accrued so far, he has proven his value over the season.

Despite a modest ICT Index ranking of 125.3, Gvardiol’s recent goal-scoring exploits have captured the attention of fantasy managers. As Manchester City prepares to face West Ham in their next fixture, Gvardiol’s newfound attacking prowess adds an extra dimension to his fantasy appeal, making him an enticing option for managers seeking defensive contributions coupled with goal-scoring potential.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool)

Best Defender Picks in FPL
Trent Alexander-Arnold against City in PL (Credits: Getty)

Trent Alexander-Arnold, a stalwart for Liverpool, commands a premium price tag of £8.4 million in the fantasy realm. Despite his recent form being somewhat subdued with a rating of 2.4, his consistent points per match average of 4.3 reflect his reliability throughout the season.

In Gameweek 37, Alexander-Arnold secured just 1 point, which may have disappointed some fantasy managers. However, his overall tally of 116 points and impressive 19 bonus points accrued underline his value over the course of the campaign.

With a solid ICT Index ranking of 179.7, he showcases his involvement in both defensive and attacking phases of the game. As Liverpool prepares to face Wolves in their upcoming fixture, Alexander-Arnold’s significance extends beyond mere statistics.

This match marks the end of an era under Jurgen Klopp, adding an emotional layer to the occasion. As a homegrown talent, Alexander-Arnold could potentially deliver a memorable performance, delighting Liverpool fans one last time under Klopp’s tenure.

This sentimental factor may influence his performance and make him an appealing option for fantasy managers seeking both points and sentimental value in their selections.

Kieran Trippier (Newcastle)

Best Defender Picks in FPL
Kieran Trippier for Newcastle (Credits: Getty)

The highest-priced player is Kieran Trippier representing Newcastle at £6. 6 million, as he is among expensive defenders. However, the form rating at present is 0. 2, his constant 4 points-per-game. 2 puts him in the lineup of the best players at his position.

In GW37, Trippier only received 1 point, this might have been a major setback to some fantasy managers. Nevertheless, the total of 109 points overall and the additional 20 bonus points mark a successful season. Boasting a strong ICT Index rating of 180. 3, he exposes his involvement in two aspects of the game, which are defensive and attacking. Before the game between Newcastle and Brentford, Trippier’s impact goes beyond the figures.

This fixture gives him a chance to contribute defensively and, hopefully, score some goals against a team with a weak defense. The equity holding of 21% belongs to the management. Trippier has become a trending choice among fantasy managers, which is an additional indication of his popularity in fantasy football

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