Best football documentaries

Best Football Documentaries: Must-Watch Gems for the Fans!

Football documentaries explore the off-pitch drama that shapes the destinies of players, managers, and clubs as they strive to meet the expectations of their crest. Witness the political tackles football takes for a better society. Above all, experience the unwavering passion of fans who preserve the rich cultural history of their city.

Here are some of the best documentaries from the football world.

All Or Nothing Series (2018-Present)

A still from All or Nothing: Manchester City (Credits: Amazon Prime)

One documentary that brought access to the inside world itself of some of the top clubs around the world from managerial hiccups to dressing room drama followed by club dealings to players’ personal lives, this has it all. Top-flight A-Listers like Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Juventus, Arsenal, and the Brazil national team have given the green signal so far. So, if you’ve ever wondered how José Mourinho and Pep Guardiola bring the best out of their players, then this should have you sorted.

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Rooney (2022)

Rooney 2022 Thumbnail (Credits: Amazon Prime)

Wayne Rooney’s triumphs with Manchester United are well known but what about the struggles and lows? This Amazon documentary has brought light to England’s top goalscorer giving the inside of his tumultuous career in Premier League football. Even though, the papers could only give one side of the story, this 1hr 44 min piece gets you a chance to set the record straight, on both the good and the bad of the man himself.

Sunderland ‘Til I Die (2018-2024)

Sunderland ‘Til I Die Thumbnail (Credits: Sunderland FC)

This is undoubtedly one of the popular documentaries that sparked the magic of the film form. It provides an honest look at the downward trajectory of a club like no other with the fans and management sharing their roles as well. You can see the other side of the grass at the end of the day, but this one proves there’s so much more that goes on in private that outsiders usually don’t get to see.

Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In (2021)

Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In Thumbnail (Credits: Manchester United)

It’s hard not to know the legend of Sir Alex Ferguson if you have been following football. For over 26 years the Scotsman was the leading figurehead for Manchester United, serving as head coach, something unimaginable in modern football. The documentary dives deep into exploring Ferguson’s personal life from player to managerial journey – giving insights that have never been shared before. This story will surely show the greatness of the man who made a kingdom in Manchester.

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Welcome to Wrexham (2022-present)

Welcome to Wrexham Thumbnail (Credits: ABC)

Who knew Two Hollywood stars could change the fortune of a small Welsh club after a shock buy? The news was met with skepticism even by local fans and the wider footballing community. But, to everyone’s relief, this story had ticked every box for an underdog classic, which saw an American and Canadian team up to put their all into revamping Wrexham football club. Lovely stories, behind-the-scenes comedy, and heartwarming moments, it had it all.

Take Us Home: Leeds United (2019-2020)

Take Us Home: Leeds United Thumbnail (Credits: Amazon Prime)

Look at it as a prequel to Leeds United’s title-clinching season of 2019/20 for feeling some real underdog energy. Marcelo Bielsa’s persistence finally paid off as the team reached the Premier League land after a 15-year absence from top-tier English football, and this film is about how they did it. If you liked the way Leicester City’s Premier League win broke every parameter, you’d love this story about revival and hope.

Football’s Most Dangerous Rivalry (2012)

Rangers’ Ryan Kent punches Celtic’s Scott Brown in the Old Firm Derby (Credits: Getty)

This documentary is very true to its title as it clearly shows the rivalry between Scottish sides Rangers and Celtic. The film, which is just under an hour, opens up the dark world of violence, racial slurs, and the volatile side of the game through the eyes of the journalist as he gives some special coverage of the cultural and religious differences that stand as strong flagpoles for either side.

Footeuses (2020)

A still from Yard’s Footeuses (Credits: Getty)

Documentaries on women’s football are a rarity, but the pop-up ratio increases if you look closely enough, and French brand Yard is leading the way in redefining how stories are told. Footeuses, which means footballers in French zooms into the women and girls who are breaking barriers in France after the country hosted the 2019 World Cup. Not just that, It also sheds light on the realities and prejudices female football players face to chase their dreams.

Women’s Football In India (2018)

Players from the Indian Women’s Football Team in a training session (Credits: Telegraph India)

The beauty of football is that its influence is global and one such moment was caught by German media outlet Deutsche Welle on their Kick Off channel. India might not be a country you associate with football, but this is a well-curated story about how three women meet up in Mapusa, North Goa, to play football together despite the barriers they individually face. Who would have thought a ball could change lives and have moments, if in doubt this is for you.

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Shame In The Game – Racism In Football (2020)

Shame in the Game – Racism in Football Thumbnail (Credits: BBC)

Have you ever questioned the reasons behind the Premier League players taking the knee?

If you have, this is the right place. There’s no denying that racism has been exposed even in football but over the last couple of years this BBC documentary re-visits incidents up and down the league, both in the men’s and women’s games, to expose the harsh comments against fans and players at football grounds just because of a difference in ethnicity.