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BREAKING: Vitesse Arnhem is relegated, how could this happen to the Eredivisie side?

Vitesse Arnhem will play in the Eerste Divisie starting next season. It is after the Netherlands’ highest football governing body, KNVB deducted the club’s 18 points due to several rules-breaching activities.  

Initially, Vitesse collected 17 points and was placed at the bottom of the table. As the sanction is imposed, Edward Sturing’s squad is now minus one point, leaving Excelsior, RKC Waalwijk, and FC Volendam to fight for the Eredivisie survival.

Vitesse Arnhem is relegated: It all started from a confidential ‘The Oligarch Files’

According to The Guardians, it all started with a discovery of the Oligarch Files, a confidential document containing malicious activity of the world’s wealthy people hiding their fortune. This also included Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich who’s also Vitesse’s major shareholder.

KNVB concluded in their investigation that Abramovich still controlled Vitesse despite a total ban on all of Russia’s rich people who allegedly donated to the invasion of Ukraine. As an addition, KNVB also found that Vitesse has not been cooperative by providing false information during the investigation. 

In their latest statement, Vitesse accepted the sanction and will focus on retaining their license. The club’s general manager Edwin Reijntjes admitted that there was nothing he could do to avoid his club from a punishment. 

“Although this is a dark day for everything and everyone who cares about Vitesse, this is the harsh reality,” Reijntjes via the club’s official website. “After all, such a punishment was inevitable. On the other hand – and I really want to make this clear to everyone – we are extremely happy with the opportunity that is being offered to us to retain our license. 

“This too was hanging by a thread. However, it is clear in the response of the Licensing Committee that there is confidence in the club’s new direction. We cling to that and we will continue with it. I said it before: Vitesse should not and cannot disappear!”

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