Chelsea and Manchester City warned about getting expelled from Premier League

Chelsea and Manchester City warned about getting expelled from Premier League

Chelsea and Manchester City have reportedly been sent a stern warning over Financial Fair Play rules. Both clubs have been threatened to be expelled from the Premier League if found guilty of breaches. 

As per a report in The Sun, points deduction is not sufficient enough for their financial breaches. Robert Glancy KC, Mark Hovell, and Steve Holt fronted the commission that punished Nottingham Forest this week wrote in their 52-pag document:

“Where a PSR breach is ‘minor’, then it will be for other Commissions to determine if any points deduction is necessary, appropriate or proportionate. But if the breach is properly described as ‘major’ then it may be the case that even a very severe sanction such as expulsion is more appropriate.”

The Sun have now used the document to suggest that Chelsea and Manchester City could face worse punishment. 

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Pep Guardiola’s side have been slapped with 115 charges for breaches dating back to the 2009/10 season. Premier League CEO Richard Masters has claimed that the trial date is set for June this year. 

Chelsea are yet to be charged with anything but many believe that the Blues will be ‘caught’ soon because of their stunning £1 billion spend in transfer fees in the last 18 months. 

Chelsea warned a firesale will help them save FFP charges

Former Everton chief Keith Wyness has wanred Chelsea that they need to conduct a fire sale at the club this summer. He believes that the new owners have already held talks with Saudi Pro League clubs and are ready to do business with them again.

He told Football Insider:

“There’s going to be a fire sale of talent at Chelsea. My sources have told me that Todd Boehly was down in Saudi Arabia, potentially trying to arrange sales for some players ahead of time. That could be one way that they try and get some quick money at the end of the season. It’s going to take some pretty fancy footwork to do that, but there is a connection down there.”

He added:

“Michael Emenalo is now the supremo of the Saudi Pro League and has a long relationship with Chelsea. That’s where I’m told they are looking. In terms of looking to other clubs to sell players and cover this shortfall – that could be very hard. It could be that the Saudi League is the big escape hatch for Chelsea. If that’s the case, then they could just about get away without any punishments.”

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Chelsea sold Édouard Mendy and Kalidou Koulibaly to Saudi Pro League clubs last summer. Hakim Ziyech, Romelu Lukaku and Raheem Sterling have been linked with moves to the Middle East this summer. 

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