Cristiano Ronaldo Celebration

Cristiano Ronaldo Defends His Obscene Celebration in Saudi Pro League

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest athletes to have played the sport of football, currently plying his trade in Saudi Arabia, finds himself embroiled in controversy as he defends his recent celebration gesture during a match for Al Nassr.

The Controversial Celebration by Ronaldo

The Portuguese star’s actions have garnered attention from football authorities, prompting a summons from the Saudi Pro League officials to explain his conduct.

Ronaldo’s celebration, which involved a hand gesture and an action towards his crotch, sparked debate and speculation regarding its appropriateness.

In response, the player provided justification for his actions before the Ethics and Discipline Committee of the Saudi Arabian Football League, as reported by the Arriyadhiah outlet.

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What Ronaldo Said?

The footballer clarified that his celebration was not intended as a gesture of mockery or provocation towards the opposing fans, asserting that such gestures are common in football and symbolize strength and victory.

He emphasized his respect for all clubs and defended the customary nature of the gesture in European football.

“I respect all clubs… and the arm movement expresses strength and victory and is by no means shameful or obscene. In Europe, we are accustomed to that,” Ronaldo stated.

Cristiano Ronaldo training for Al Nassr
Cristiano Ronaldo (Image Source – X)

Despite the potential repercussions, including a two-game suspension and a hefty fine, Ronaldo’s coach, Luís Castro, remains focused on the team’s upcoming match against Al Hazem, indicating confidence that the player will not face immediate punishment.

The incident marks another instance of Ronaldo responding to taunts from opposing supporters, echoing a similar reaction during a previous match where he rubbed a scarf against his crotch.

If suspended, Al Nassr could suffer a significant setback in their pursuit of the league title, as they currently trail behind league leaders Al Hilal.

Ronaldo’s actions and the subsequent fallout underscore the intense scrutiny and high stakes involved in professional football, particularly in competitive leagues such as the Saudi Pro League.