Declan Rice's Girlfriend Lauren Fryer

What Happened with Declan Rice’s Girlfriend Lauren Fryer?

Declan Rice’s girlfriend Lauren Fryer removed every image from her Instagram account due to the cyberbullying and fatphobia she faces.

Disgusting Bullying Prompts Drastic Action from Lauren Fryer

Under his Instagram posts, a lot of people publicly thought that the midfield player for Arsenal would have “low standards” and that he might “have better.”

The 25-year-old and Rice, who is also 25 years old, have been together for eight years and have a son together. Lauren has had to endure nasty remarks from nasty trolls on social media in the past few months.

When Rice was told that he “could do better” in December, it seemed as though the teasing started. With over 70,000 followers, Lauren’s Instagram account has suddenly been deleted.

Support from Love Island Star

Support for Fryer poured in from former Love Island contestant Liberty Poole, who denounced the online abuse and highlighted the importance of embracing diverse body types in the face of unrealistic beauty standards propagated by social media.

Rice and Fryer welcomed their son, Jude, in August 2022, as confirmed by Rice’s tattoo indicating the child’s birthdate. Fryer has been a steadfast supporter of Rice, often seen cheering him on at matches, including those since his transfer from West Ham to Arsenal. She also accompanied Rice to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The incident sheds light on the dark side of social media, underscoring the urgent need to address online harassment and cyberbullying.

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