Fantasy Premier League: Top Five FPL Best Goalkeepers for Gameweek 12

Fantasy Premier League: Top Five FPL Best Goalkeepers for Gameweek 12

In the world of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), it’s rare to find a consensus among managers, but Gameweek 11 was unanimously considered a disaster by most. Unless, of course, you were among the few who had the insight to select a player like Doku.

If the objective of FPL were to earn as few points as possible, many would have excelled in that regard. Most FPL teams were filled with players who had disappointing scores of one, two, or even zero points next to their names. The fact that four out of the top five most popular players in the game could only manage a combined total of seven points speaks volumes. It felt like a delayed Halloween horror show in the world of FPL, truly a nightmarish experience for many managers.

But as we say the Premier League is the most unpredictable and so it is. We can just look at the upcoming fixtures and stats which can only help us in making the prediction close to accurate unless a Glenn Maxwell inning hits your prediction dashboard. 

Let’s have a look at the Top 5 Goalkeepers to pick in the Gameweek 12 of the FPL 2023/24.

Alphonse Areola (West Ham United)

Alphonse Areola (West Ham United)

Alphonse Areola, priced at £4.3 million and playing for West Ham, currently carries a verdict of “Hold” in the Fantasy Premier League. He is often considered the best choice for a backup goalkeeper but is certainly capable of serving as your primary goalkeeper this week.

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Areola ranks sixth for the number of saves made this season, which is a significant factor in accumulating FPL points, particularly through save points and bonus points. His ability to make saves and earn bonus points can make him a valuable asset in your FPL squad.

For those looking to maximize their FPL performance, you can also consider rotating Areola with another goalkeeper, such as Turner, especially during tougher fixtures. This rotation strategy can help you optimize your goalkeeper points based on the fixtures and opponents.

Sam Johnstone (Crystal Palace)

Johnstone, with a price tag of £4.6 million and now playing for Crystal Palace, is a solid choice if you’re in need of a short-term goalkeeper. This is especially the case with Dean Henderson still sidelined due to injury.

What makes Johnstone an appealing option is not just his availability but also the favorable fixtures Crystal Palace has lined up between Gameweek 11 and Gameweek 15. Having a goalkeeper with good fixtures can be a significant asset in FPL.

Additionally, Johnstone has a strong track record when it comes to saves. He’s been a top performer among goalkeepers in terms of saves per match over the last three seasons. While this data may be slightly distorted because he played only two of those seasons, it underscores his shot-stopping ability.

Furthermore, Johnstone has a knack for earning bonus points. Over the last two seasons, he has averaged 0.52 bonus points per 90 minutes, making him a bonus point magnet in FPL. This can add valuable points to your overall score, making him a well-rounded choice for your FPL squad, particularly for the short term.

David Raya (Arsenal)

Arsenal goalkeeper David Raya, priced at £4.8 million, has become a notable FPL option. Several factors make him an attractive choice.

First, Arsenal is leading the way in clean sheet odds for Gameweek 12, which is a significant factor to consider when selecting a goalkeeper.

Raya is not just good at keeping clean sheets but also excels in making saves and earning bonus points. This well-rounded performance can significantly boost his FPL score.

Arsenal’s defensive record is also impressive, ranking second-lowest in Expected Goals (xG) conceded this season. This indicates their ability to limit the quality of chances their opponents create.

Moreover, Raya’s price has dropped to an affordable £4.8 million, making him an enticing option for FPL managers who are budget-conscious.

Looking ahead, Arsenal has a run of very favorable fixtures, which further strengthens Raya’s appeal.

However, it’s essential to note that while Arsenal have performed well defensively, they are also second in the table for defensive overperformance, meaning they might have slightly exceeded expectations in terms of clean sheets. This is a factor to keep in mind when considering Raya as your FPL goalkeeper.

Alisson (Liverpool)

Alisson (Liverpool)

Alisson Ramses Becker, Liverpool’s goalkeeper, is priced at £5.6 million in Fantasy Premier League. He’s been in fine form, averaging 7.0 points per match, which is quite impressive. In Gameweek 11, he contributed 6 points, adding to his total of 49 points for the season. Alisson has also earned 9 bonus points, indicating his impact on the pitch.

In terms of the ICT (Influence, Creativity, and Threat) Index, he ranks at 10 out of 85. Currently, Alisson has a 12.6% ownership among FPL managers, placing him at the 6th spot among all players.

These statistics highlight Alisson’s strong performance, making him a valuable option for FPL managers looking for a reliable goalkeeper.

Nick Pope (Newcastle)

Newcastle United’s goalkeeper, Nick Pope, is available for £5.5 million in the Fantasy Premier League. Newcastle’s defensive record is notably strong this season, ranking third-lowest in terms of Expected Goals (xG) conceded.

Pope has a solid track record for making saves and earning bonus points, although he’s yet to demonstrate this in the current season fully. His form currently stands at 5.0/10, with an average of 3.9 points per match. In Gameweek 11, he contributed 6 points, bringing his total points for the season to 43. However, he is yet to earn any bonus points this season.

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Pope also ranks 13th out of 85 players in the ICT (Influence, Creativity, and Threat) Index. His ownership percentage among FPL managers is 11.4%, which places him in the 7th position among all players.

While Pope has a strong history of FPL performance, his current season’s statistics suggest that he has the potential to be a valuable option, particularly with Newcastle’s solid defensive record.