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Ferland Mendy: Life, Clubs, Career and Stats

Ferland Sinna Mendy known as Ferland Mendy (born June 8, 1995) is a French professional footballer who plays left-back for Real Madrid in La Liga and for the France national team.

Mendy, a native of Meulan-en-Yvelines, France, is descended from Senegal. He was told he might never play football again when he was 15 years old and spent some time in a wheelchair.

Mendy made 35 appearances for Le Havre in the 2016–17 Ligue 2 season. On June 29, 2017, Mendy agreed to a five-year contract with Ligue 1 team Lyon. The transfer cost to Le Havre was reportedly €5 million, plus an additional €1 million in bonuses.

Following Benjamin Mendy’s injury-forced absence from the matches against the Netherlands and Uruguay, Mendy made his debut for the French senior team in November 2018. In a 1-0 home victory, he played the whole ninety minutes of his debut against the latter.

Ferland Mendy Bio

  • Full Name: Ferland Sinna Mendy
  • Date of Birth: 8 June 1995
  • Place of Birth: Meulan-en-Yvelines, France
  • Professional Debut: 2015
  • Jersey Number: 23
  • Position: Left-back

Ferland Mendy: The Footballing Journey Through Clubs and Nations

Early Career at Le Havre

Ferland Mendy
Ferland Mendy (Getty Images)

During the 2016–17 Ligue 2 season, Ferland Mendy showcased his talent with 35 appearances for Le Havre, laying the foundation for his promising career ahead.

Lyon: A Step Up to Ligue 1

In a significant move, Mendy transitioned to Ligue 1 giants Lyon on 29 June 2017, signing a five-year contract. His debut Champions League appearance for Lyon on 19 September 2018, marked a notable milestone, as he contributed to a memorable 2–1 victory over Manchester City in the 2018–19 season.

Real Madrid: The Marquee Transfer

The pinnacle of Mendy’s career came with his transfer to La Liga powerhouse Real Madrid on 12 June 2019. The deal, valued at €48 million initially, rising to €53 million with add-ons, underscored the high regard in which Mendy was held.

His debut on 1 September 2019, against Villarreal, marked the beginning of a new chapter in his footballing journey. Mendy’s first goal for Real Madrid, scored on 13 July 2020, against Granada, further solidified his presence in the squad. His contributions were instrumental as Real Madrid clinched the 2019–20 La Liga title.

In the Champions League arena, Mendy continued to excel, notably scoring his debut goal in a crucial 1–0 away victory over Atalanta in the round of 16 of the 2020–21 season.

His defensive prowess was on full display during the semi-final second leg against Manchester City in the 2021–22 season, where his goal-line clearance in the dying minutes helped secure Real Madrid’s path to the final.

International Recognition with France

Ferland Mendy
Ferland Mendy (Getty Images)

Ferland Mendy’s talents extended beyond club football, earning him a call-up to the French senior team in November 2018. His debut against Uruguay marked the beginning of his international career, as he played a full 90 minutes in a 1–0 home victory. Mendy’s inclusion in the national squad highlighted his growing reputation as a formidable talent on the global stage.

Ferland Mendy Career and Stats

Le Havre II2013-14200
Le Havre2014-1510
Real Madrid2019-20321
Ferland Mendy Club Career and Stats


National teamYearAppsGoals
Ferland Mendy Country Career and Stats

Personal life

Early Life and Heritage

Ferland Mendy hails from Meulan-en-Yvelines, with his upbringing rooted in Ecquevilly, situated in the western outskirts of Paris. His diverse heritage reflects his Senegalese and Bissau-Guinean roots. Mendy attained French nationality on 16 January 2007, following his parents’ naturalization.

Family Ties and Personal Struggles

Notably, Mendy shares a familial bond with goalkeeper Édouard Mendy, who graces the field for Saudi Professional League club Al-Ahli and the Senegal national team. Despite their shared athletic pursuits, Ferland Mendy encountered personal adversity at a young age, spending a period in a wheelchair at the age of 15, with uncertain prospects of returning to the sport he loved.

Guarding Privacy

In the realm of romance and relationships, Mendy maintains a discreet stance, with scant information available about his personal life. His reticence has led the public to speculate about his relationship status, with prevailing assumptions suggesting he remains single and unattached. Mendy’s preference for privacy extends to his past, as he refrains from disclosing any details about previous romantic involvements.

A Reserved Demeanor

Preferring to let his actions on the field speak volumes, Ferland Mendy adopts a reserved approach to his private affairs. Amidst the glare of the spotlight, he remains steadfast in safeguarding the sanctity of his personal life, eschewing the trappings of celebrity for a semblance of normalcy away from the pitch.

Ferland Mendy’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Ferland Mendy’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. The primary source of his income stems from his career as a professional footballer.


Q- Are Ferland and Benjamin Mendy brothers?

No, Ferland Mendy and Benjamin Mendy are not brothers. But He has a cousin who is a goalkeeper named Édouard Mendy.

Q- What Number is Ferland Mendy?

Ferland Mendy wears the number 23 jersey for Real Madrid.

Q- Who is Ferland Mendy?

Ferland Mendy is a professional footballer who currently plays as a left-back for Real Madrid and the French national team.

Q- Why is Ferland Mendy not playing?

Ferland Mendy is not playing due to a left leg soleus injury confirmed by Real Madrid.

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