Top 5 Most Stylish Football Players

Top 5 Most Stylish Football Players

With great success, comes great scrutiny too, so much so that every little aspect of your life will be carefully sliced, diced, and discussed. Footballers, like movie stars and world leaders, are no different. The more famous, the more he is the cynosure of the media’s attention. Not only is their performance on the field closely assessed, but various aspects of life off it too, even if it is something as regular as the clothes they wear!

Some footballers are good at that too, becoming a fashion icon in the media. David Beckham is perhaps the biggest name that comes to mind while talking of fashion in the football world, given his trendy haircuts and stylish suits during his playing days. But among the current lot, these five most stylish football players can claim to be the most stylish:

5. Paul Pogba

most stylish football players
Paul Pogba (Getty Images)

Regardless of what you make of him as a player, there’s no denying that Paul Pogba is a stylish footballer. His wardrobe has always dominated the fashion column of any tabloid, while his numerous haircuts have been much talked about too. In addition to this, Pogba, a World Cup winner with France, is also often seen sporting shiny jewelry.

4. Hector Bellerin

most stylish football players
Former Arsenal star Hector Bellerin

He may not be among the top names in the football circuit, but Hector Bellerin’s fashion sense is right up there among the very cream of the crop. Whether it’s wearing a dangly earring or a retro shirt, the Spaniard is a trailblazer.

3. Jack Grealish

most stylish football players
Manchester City star Jack Grealish

Perhaps England’s coolest footballer right now, Jack Grealish, besides his record British transfer to Manchester City in 2021, has also garnered the media’s attention for his sleek and trendy outfits. At City’s title celebrations, he’s often the most animated figure, and seen tucked away in casual t-shirts and sporting stylish shades.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

most stylish football players
Al Nassr star Cristiano Ronaldo (By Getty Images)

One of the greatest players in history is also one of the most stylish footballers when it comes to fashion. There’s perhaps no clothing that Cristiano Ronaldo can sport without looking classy. And the best part is, he seems to enjoy it too. At every award ceremony that he shows up to, the Portuguese international dazzles in his classy formal wear.

1. Neymar

most stylish football players
Former PSG and Barcelona star Neymar

If ever there would be an award for the most stylish footballers of all time, Neymar is certain to win it every time. The Brazilian upgraded his fashion sense after moving to Europe, but at PSG, he gained more prominence for his appearances off the field than on it, and that’s mainly due to his eye-catching fashion sense. Just see how he dressed up for his 28th, all-white-themed birthday party!

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