“Where’s the progress?”: Erik ten Hag labeled a ‘PE teacher’ by former Premier League star

“Where’s the progress?”: Erik ten Hag labeled a ‘PE teacher’ by former Premier League star

Former England forward Gabriel Agbonlahor slammed Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag for failing to fulfil the expectations of this season. Recently, United nearly suffered a humiliating comeback from Coventry City in the FA Cup semi final, which according to Agbonlahor was ‘over the line’. 

Speaking to talkSPORT, the former Aston Villa player felt that the door is open for Ten Hag to go. United could only hope for the FA Cup as their only trophy this season after failing to defend the Carabao Cup and ending at the bottom table of the Champions League group stage. 

Erik ten Hag labeled a ‘PE teacher’

Winning the Premier League would be impossible as they are sitting sixth, 13 points from the fourth position. Agbonlahor also said that United is stagnating this season with all of the records above. 

“Ten Hag’s got to go, PE teacher, off you go mate,” he said via talkSPORT. “He’s not been good enough after winning [the Carabao Cup] last year. Where’s the progress? Where’s the improvement? 

“No Champions League next season, it’s a step backwards. He talks about back-to-back cup finals being amazing – No!”

Agbonlahor then continued that United must rinse off all the toxic inside the club including reshuffling the ineffective players. Otherwise, The Red Devils would see the same results as they are having this season so far.  

“For me, they need a total reset,” Agbonlahor added. “Get rid of some of these players, I would sell [Marcus] Rashford because [Kylian] Mbappe will be leaving PSG to go to Real Madrid, so it’s a perfect fit for him to go to PSG.

“Get some big money for him and start buying some more players with a manager who you see a future with. I don’t see Manchester United breaking into the top four next season. This is embarrassing for Manchester United fans, they are 24 points behind Arsenal.”

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