Daniele De Rossi

Leandro Paredes praises Daniele De Rossi for turning AS Roma’s fortunes around

After leading AS Roma to the Europa Conference League trophy in the 2021/22 season, Jose Mourinho proceeded to lead his side into the Europa League final. While they eventually lost to Sevilla on penalties, Roma still put up a decent fight even if their form in the Serie A dipped badly. That trend continued into the 2023/24 season which eventually led to Mourinho getting sacked.

Daniele De Rossi replaced him and the Italian has thrived under management, turning the AS Roma train around, with the team now in a position to compete for a European position. That wasn’t the case 14 league games ago and as if that wasn’t enough, Roma are also in the Europa League semi-final. They face Bayer Leverkusen and while it’ll be a tough clash, it’s also considered to be a highly anticipated battle.

Parades praises Daniele De Rossi’s as the latter’s style suits Roma a lot better than Jose Mourinho

However, it had many wondering how De Rossi’s style of play and management worked on AS Roma this quickly but reports have indicated that the squad has thrived under the Italian. Leandro Parades echoed that, as the Roma star admitted that the team has taken well to De Rossi. The Argentine also added that the Italian’s style of play works well with Roma which has helped the team do well in the league and in Europe.

“The general growth, not only mine but also that of the team, is due to the enthusiasm that the coach brought us. Furthermore, his style of play suits the team better and this has made us grow. For me, he was already a coach when we played together,” Paredes said, reported Goal.

“I have always been close to him, he has always treated me well. Having him as a coach is a pleasure and an honour. I hope to continue working well for him and the team.”

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