Football legend Roberto Baggio hospitalized after a violent home robbery

Football Legend Roberto Baggio Hospitalized After Violent Robbery at Home

Italian football icon Roberto Baggio is recovering in hospital after a harrowing attack by armed robbers at his villa last night. The 57-year-old was at home with his family and was watching the Euro 2024 clash between Italy and Spain when the assailants struck.

How the Robbery Took Place?

Around 10 PM (local time) a group of five masked men broke into Baggio’s residence in Altavilla Vicentina (a small town near Venice). The robbers were armed with guns and forcibly entered the property and locked Baggio’s family in a room while they ransacked the house for valuables.

Baggio was struck on the head with a gun butt in an attempt to protect his loved ones. Thus, leaving him with a severe forehead injury.

Despite the ordeal, the football legend managed to free his family once the robbers fled having stolen watches, jewellery, and cash. The exact value of the stolen items remains undisclosed.

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Roberto Baggio Hospitalized while Investigation continues

Baggio affectionately known as “Il Divin Codino” (The Divine Ponytail) was taken to a hospital in Arzignano where he received stitches for his injury. Thankfully, his family was physically unharmed but deeply shaken by the traumatic event.

Police are currently investigating the incident using CCTV footage from Baggio’s estate to track down the perpetrators. The robbery reportedly lasted over 40 minutes suggesting the robbers meticulously planned the attack on the secluded agricultural estate where Baggio has lived for the past 15 years.

The football world is in shock following the news.

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Roberto Baggio – The Footballing Legend On and Off the Pitch

Baggio, who spent his illustrious 22-year career playing for top Italian clubs like Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter Milan, is celebrated not only for his skills on the pitch but also for his charitable work and humanitarian efforts.

The Italian football legend has not yet spoken publicly about the robbery. His fans, however, have expressed their support and concern on social media hoping for his swift recovery and the capture of those responsible.

Baggio’s career is marked by triumphs and personal growth which has made him a beloved figure. From winning Serie A titles to enduring a career-threatening injury in 1985 which led him to convert from Catholicism to Buddhism, Baggio’s journey has been inspirational. His dedication to charity work earned him the 2010 Man of Peace Prize underscoring his impact beyond football.

While Baggio heals from this violent incident the football community stands united in support of the man who has given so much both on and off the field. The authorities continue their hunt for the robbers aiming to bring justice to the legendary sportsman and his family.