Luton Town defender Tom Lockyer

Will Tom Lockyer return to football? Luton Town defender provides crucial career update

Luton Town defender Tom Lockyer suffered a cardiac arrest in December

Luton Town defender Tom Lockyer doesn’t plan to return to football anytime soon

Luton Town skipper Tom Lockyer has revealed that he doesn’t plan on returning to the pitch anytime soon. Lockyer suffered a cardiac arrest on the pitch during Luton’s Premier League clash against Bournemouth in December. The game was suspended as a result. This was the second time in quick succession it happened to Lockyer.

The Welshman also suffered a collapse during Luton’s Championship play-off clash against Coventry last season. However, he was given a medical clearance and featured in Luton’s Premier League opener. However, this time, that won’t be the case as specialists are taking time to assess Lockyer’s situation. The player told Sky Bet (via Mirror):

“I’m not playing any football currently. The process of recovery is a long one, and something that is more complex than doing a hamstring injury. The specialists are taking their time with it, especially with this happening twice. Additionally, before I am allowed back on the pitch again, everyone is going to want to make sure that I am completely safe and that this won’t happen again.”

Lockyer added:

“If I am to return to the pitch, I’m assuming that they’ve got absolutely no doubt about me, and if there was, then I’m sure I wouldn’t be trying to return to football anyways.”

Lockyer, a Wales international, has been in Luton’s ranks since 2020. He helped Luton progress to the Premier League. The centre-back made 14 league appearances, scoring once and providing one assist before the unfortunate cardiac arrest.

Luton Town defender Tom Lockyer has revealed that his wife won’t watch him play football again

One cardiac arrest is tough enough for an individual. Luton Town’s Tom Lockyer has suffered two in the span of less than a year. Hence, understandably, his family has gone through a traumatic experience. Lockyer has revealed that the second one took a real toll on his family and his wife has informed the player that he’d never watch him play football again. Lockyer said (via Mirror):

“It’s probably the first time I’ve put their thoughts into consideration. As a footballer, you’re quite selfish as you’re doing whatever is best for you and your career, so once it happened again at Bournemouth, it was the first time I considered their opinions. My wife said that she’d never watch me play football ever again, which was quite hard. I’m hoping that over time she’ll ease up on that, but I’m not sure.”

Lockyer also revealed that he has spoken to Christian Eriksen regarding getting proper medical attention. The Manchester United midfielder suffered the same fate while playing for Denmark in the UEFA Euro 2020.

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