Osama Al Mermesh: Early Life, Clubs, Family, Net Worth, Career and Stats

Osama Al Mermesh: Early Life, Clubs, Family, Net Worth, Career and Stats

Osama Al Mermesh born on 06 July 2003 is a footballer from Saudi Arabia. He currently plays for Al Ittihad football club in Saudi Pro League season 2023/24. He has played multiple matches for the U20 team of Saudi Arabia and also played AFC U20 Asian Cup. He plays as a goalkeeper. Osama Al Mermesh is playing for the first time in Saudi Pro League. Osama Al Mermesh’s story is an inspiration to many players. He was born in Saudi Arabia. His journey from his hometown to a goalkeeper depicts his passion and dedication towards the game.

Personal Information

Full NameOsama Mubarak Al Mermesh
Date of BirthJuly 6, 2003
NationalitySaudi Arabia
Birth PlaceSaudi Arabia
Height1.82 m
Current TeamAl Ittihad
Networth$ 3 million estimated

Early Life

Osama Al Mermesh was born on 6 June 2003. From a very young age, he had a passion for football. He started his career in his hometown. He joined a local youth football club at a young age and spent numerous hours practicing his skills. His hard work helped him get recognition and he started to play in domestic leagues. He also represented his national U20 team. From a young age, he represented the country and also got recognized for his talent and game skills. It was from here that Osama Al Mermesh’s official journey was about to begin.

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Osama Al Mermesh’s Club Career

Osama Al Mermesh started his professional career with youth team of Saudi Arabia U20 National team. After a while, he joined Al Ittihad Club and played for them. He has also played for Champions Cup and AFC Champions and after that he is presently playing for Al Ittihad.

Osama Al Mermesh’s career has a long way to go as he is a young and dynamic player who is earning his fame and name. As such Osama Al Mermesh is only associated with their current football club Al Ittihad and has not played any match for the club yet but since the player is a young and passionate teammate he will surely rise to prominence. Osama Al Mermesh has played eleven matches for Saudi Arabia U20 national team. He has also participated in International Friendly but has not appeared in any match.

International Career

Osama Al Mermesh has not played any international league yet and if he gets any chance surely he will perform well in the match.

Awards and Achievements

Osama Al Mermesh has not won any awards yet. He has not played many matches. He is a young and passionate player who has the capability and determination to make a record. Osama is a player who can accomplish exceptional targets in the leagues.

Osama Al Mermesh Career Stats

Osama Al Mermesh’s career stats are proof of his determination and skills. He has played multiple matches in Saudi Arabia U20. He played four matches in U20 Arab Cup in one season and saved four goals. He played for three hundred and sixty minutes in the league. Osama Al Mermesh played one season of AFC U20 Asia Cup with three matches and saved three goals. He played for two hundred and seventy minutes in the league. Osama Al Mermesh’s continuous performance added more milestones to his career stats. Here are some of his career statistics.

His best performances include some matches. Here are some of the matches with his performances.

Saudi Arabia U20 vs Palestine Sub 20

A match between Saudi Arabia U20 and Palestine Sub U20 resulted in the victory of Saudi Arabia U20 with 5-0. In this match, Osama Al Mermesh was a goalkeeper and he gained 7.5 points.

Saudi Arabia U20 vs Mauritania U20

Osama Al Mermesh gained 7.1 points in a match between Saudi Arabia U20 and Mauritania U20. The match was won by Saudi Arabia U20 with 2-0.

Saudi Arabia U20 vs Egypt U20

Osama Al Mermesh gained 6.5 points in a match between Saudi Arabia U20 and Egypt U20. The match was a draw.

Saudi Arabia U20 vs Yemen Sub 20

In a match between Saudi Arabia U20 and Yemen Sub 20 Osama Al Mermesh  gained 6.4 points and the match was a no-result match

Osama Al Mermesh played various matches of Saudi Arabia U20 and saved five goals. He played AFC U20 Asian Cup where he saved three goals 

Osama Al Mermesh’s Personal Life

Osama Al Mermesh developed a passion for the game when he was young and his parents also supported him. He joined the school football club where he learned his skills and his career escalated thereafter. Osama is a great player with determination and skills 

Net Worth

Osama Al Mermesh’s net worth is nearly $3 million.


Osama Al Mermesh was supported by his parents and grew up with his siblings.


Osama Al Mermesh prefers to keep his love life private and nothing much is known about his partner.


Osama Al Mermesh’s house details are not specifically available due to privacy concerns. It can be concluded that with an estimated worth of $3 Million, he likely lives in a luxurious property suiting his status. He lives in Saudi Arabia.