Pep Guardiola comments on Man City’s ‘Sustainability’ Agenda as He Enlists Club’s Title Count

Pep Guardiola comments on Man City’s ‘Sustainability’ Agenda as He Enlists Club’s Title Count

Pep Guardiola reflects on Man City’s position in the Premier League’s highest spenders list

Pep Guardiola, the manager of the Premier League giants Manchester City recently inflicted his opinion on the club’s long-term agenda of ‘Sustainability’ and how they have managed to achieve so much in the league, despite being significantly placed behind some of the other teams on the list of highest net spenders.

As quoted by ‘Fabrizio Romano’, Pep Guardiola reportedly asserted – “We are here for Man City’s sustainability. That’s why since 2016, I read lately in one newspaper, that Man City are the 4th team with the highest net spend in the PL (Premier League)”. He further went on to connect the dots and inserted – “And look at the amount of titles; not the 1st, not the 2nd, not the 3rd…(about the position in the list of highest spenders)”.

There has been a weird sense of latency among the supporters of other Premier League clubs, especially those pertaining to Everton and Nottingham Forest, after their points deduction regarding the league’s PSR (Profit and Sustainability Rules), that City tend to get away with things so often, while the clubs on the lower end of the table often gets punished imminently and within a limited amount of time frame.

Pep Guardiola has so many times restricted himself from commenting on City’s FFP allegations and the consequences that the club might face if proven guilty, his recent ‘Sustainability’ talks amidst the league’s title race heating up and a potential trial date for the reigning champions’s alleged PSR breaches approaching, could be termed as a wild throw out of words to implicate paper on certain rule cracks.

When is the date of hearing for Man City’s potential FFP charges?

In the month of January 2024, certain reports in various English media outlets broke that a potential date has been fixed for Man City’s alleged breach of PSR rules. However, the league’s authority didn’t make a certain commitment on an exact date in the public domain. However, a few weeks later it kind of became instinctive that the trial might not take place before the ongoing 2023-2024 Premier League season ends.

As per ‘BBC Sport’, a verdict for the English club’s alleged rule breaches could take at least another year to come out. It is worth mentioning that Man City faces a sum of 115 charges related to its FFP violations and PSR misconduct. One more important thing that’s worth laying out is that the reigning champions’ violations of the league’s sustainability regime date back to the year 2009.

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