Premier League Title - Pep Guardiola

Who Will Win the Premier League Title? Pep Guardiola Answered

Premier League title race heats up as Pep Guardiola lays down his verdict

The Premier League title race is turning out to be one for the ages as the first team manager of Man City, Pep Guardiola recently stated his verdict on how things could shape up leading into the last few matches of the season. The title race is predominately between Arsenal, Man City, and Liverpool as these are the three teams on the top of the league’s table separated by a mere gap of three points from first to third position.

After a thumping 0-4 win over Brighton at the Amex Stadium, Pep was pretty open-minded in his post-match interview and didn’t hesitate in making a strong point that things could change pretty quickly as far as the Premier League title race is concerned. Baring in mind the Liverpool’s previous two losses in their last three league fixtures, Pep Guardiola reportedly asserted –

“Many things can happen. What happened with Liverpool, they drop two games against Crystal Palace and Everton, it can happen to us. It can happen to Arsenal. Nobody’s safe.”

From the statement given by the City’s boss, it can be inferred that he knows that the title race is still pretty much between the three teams and nobody is out of it and neither nobody has an edge on it. With 4-5 matches to go for all the top three teams from now no, things could change in a blink of an eye.

With a strong win over Brighton, Man City now sits at the second position in the league table with 76 points to their name having played 33 games so far. They are currently one point behind Arsenal and two points ahead of Liverpool and have played one game less than both of these teams.

Liverpool’s slip-up offers Man City and Arsenal an advantage in the Premier League title race

Liverpool’s slip of form against Crystal Palace at Anfield where they lost 0-1 to the Eagles was to an extent covered by their 1-3 win over Fulham at the Craven Cottage. But, their recent 2-0 stumble in the Merseyside derby against Everton at Goodison Park has further dented their Premier League title hopes.

While the mood on the Reds hierarchy is spoiled by a couple of rather unlikely losses and the crucial points being dropped, it aids their rivals Man City, and Arsenal’s path to clinch the title themselves. Both Arsenal and Man City have stepped up their game recently and it further makes Liverpool’s recent losses look bleak.

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