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Pep Guardiola Takes a Dig at Man City ‘Money’ Allegations by Dragging Other Top Clubs into the Mix of Highest Spenders

Pep Guardiola Fires Dig: Pep Guardiola believes some of their rival clubs have spent more money than them

Pep Guardiola, the manager of the Premier League giants Man City has recently laid down some bold statements in his post-match conference as his side gears up to take on Tottenham Hotspur in London in a match that could well have a say in this season’s title race. The 53-year-old kind of took a shot on the ever-grueling talks regarding the City’s financial prowess and the money that they spend on transfers.

Involving clubs like Chelsea, Man United, and Arsenal in the thick of things, Guardiola hinted that money doesn’t win you titles and enlisted towards the fact that these above-mentioned clubs have spent more than them in the recent era. “Premier League is boring? Before it was ‘money’…”. “If that was the reason, United should will all the titles. Second, Chelsea. All titles. Third, Arsenal. All titles”, Pep reportedly asserted.

Having his final say, Pep Guardiola Fires Dig at Man City – “They spent much more money in the last five/six years than Man City. They should be there (winning the titles)”. From his statements, a clear sense of irony can be inferred as if he’s trying to insert that what his team has achieved in the last decade or so, in terms of the number of titles they have won, isn’t just down to their transfer budget or them spending lavishly, as those who spent more than them haven’t been able to achieve such consistent run.

However, at this stage in time, Pep Guardiola should be fully focused on making sure that his side walks out with all three points from their visit to the Tottenham Hotspur stadium, to avoid giving Arsenal any sniff in the title race. To add to that, City’s away-from-home record against Spurs hasn’t been great lately.

What consequences Pep Guardiola’s Man City could face if they are found guilty of potential PSR breaches?

According to the reports Man City could come across dire consequences if they are found guilty of breaching Premier League FFP (financial fair play) and PSR (profit and sustainability rules) when a hearing for the alleged 115 charges on them takes place in the imminent future. City’s alleged league rules exploitation dates back to almost the year 2009.

The consequences would be a possible point deduction in the Premier League table as and when the verdict comes out. Also, under the direst of punishments, the club could well be relegated from the top tier of English football, as hailed by several reputed media outlets. However, all these scenarios will only come across if they are officially found guilty.

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