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Did you Know? Phil Foden’s Dad and Brother are both Manchester United Fans

Before the Manchester City player was going to face his opponents in the FA Cup final, Phil Foden disclosed that his father and brother are Manchester United supporters.

The City player, who helped his childhood team win four straight titles, was just voted Premier League player of the season. He had an opportunity to defeat his father and sibling’s team once again by winning the second FA Cup of his career.

However, things didn’t go his way and the Red Devils and Foden’s family eventually had the last laugh.

Foden stated in an interview with BBC Match of the Day:

“I’ve got a couple [of family members who are United fans]. My dad’s a Manchester United fan, he’s a little bit quiet at the moment. I’m hoping to change him… but he’s sticking to his word to be fair.”

The Foden family, who supports United, hasn’t had much to cheer about against City in the past few years, and Foden has been instrumental in City’s success.

Since making his debut, Foden has won six Premier League titles and eleven major awards, making him the youngest player in history to do so. He would have had 18 titles in his career if he would have won the FA Cup on Saturday.

At the European Championship, Foden will be the main attraction as he attempts to bolster his already impressive trophy collection with an international victory.

With City, Foden has already achieved every success imaginable. A string of outstanding performances in Germany might turn him into an England legend.

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