English Premier League 2023/24 Fixtures and Schedule

English Premier League 2023/24 Fixtures and Schedule and Your Guide to Sunday Blockbusters

The 32nd season of the English Premier League saw its beginning on 11th August 2023. The league happens between August and May and involves the teams playing each other home and away across the season. The total number of teams participating in the league is around 20. Out of these 17 teams are from the previous season and 3 teams got their promotion for attaining the top three positions under the Championship.

When does the 2023/24 English Premier League Season Begin?

The league saw its commencement on Friday, 11th August, 2023. The first clash of the league was between Burnley and Manchester City. Manchester City won this match with a margin of 3-0. There will be a total of 38 match days throughout the league.

When does the 2023/24 English Premier League Season end?

The season will see its conclusion on 26 May 2024, with all teams playing their last game. Only after the league ends, relegation and table toppers will be decided.

What are the key dates for the 2023/24 EPL season?

  • Start date – August 11, 2023
  • Group stage end date- May 19, 2024
  • Premier League Final- May 26, 2024

Premier League Fixtures 2023-24 Season

Matchday 1

DateTime Schedule 
11th August 20:00Burnley vs Man City (0-3)
12th August 13:00Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest (2-1)
12th August 15:00Bournemouth vs West Ham (1-1)
12th August 15:00Brighton vs Luton (4-1)
12th August 15:00Everton vs Fulham (0-1)
12th August 15:00Sheffield United vs Crystal Palace (0-1)
12th August 17:30Newcastle vs Aston Villa (5-1)
13th August 14:00Brentford vs Tottenham (2-2)
13th August 16:30Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool (1-1)
14th August 20:00Man Utd vs Wolves (1-0)

Matchday 2

DateTime Schedule 
18th August 19:45Nottingham Forest vs Sheffield United (2-1)
19th August 15:00Fulham vs Brentford (0-3)
19th August 15:00Liverpool vs Bournemouth (3-1)
19th August 15:00Luton vs Burnley (P-P)
19th August 15:00Wolves vs Brighton (1-4)
19th August 17:30Tottenham vs Man Utd (2-0)
19th August 20:00Man City vs Newcastle (1-0)
20th August 14:00Aston Villa vs Everton (4-0)
20th August 16:30West Ham vs Chelsea (3-1)
20th August 20:00Crystal Palace vs Arsenal (0-1)

Matchday 3

DateTime Schedule 
25th August 20:00Chelsea vs Luton Town (3-0)
26th August 12:30Bournemouth vs Tottenham (0-2)
26th August 15:00Arsenal vs Fulham (2-2)
26th August 15:00Brentford vs Crystal Palace (1-1)
26th August 15:00Everton vs Wolves (0-1)
26th August 15:00Man Utd vs Nottingham Forest (3-2)
26th August 17:30Brighton vs West Ham (1-3)
27th August 14:00Sheffield United vs Man City (1-2)
27th August 14:00Burnley vs Aston Villa (1-3)
27th August 16:30Newcastle vs Liverpool (1-2)

Matchday 4

DateTime Schedule 
1st September 20:00Luton vs West Ham (1-2)
2nd September 12:30Sheffield United vs Everton (2-2)
2nd September 15:00Brentford vs Bournemouth (2-2)
2nd September 15:00Burnley vs Tottenham (2-5)
2nd September 15:00Chelsea vs Nottingham Forest (0-1)
2nd September 15:00Man City vs Fulham (5-1)
2nd September 17:30Brighton vs Newcastle (3-1)
3rd September 14:00Crystal Palace vs Wolves (3-2)
3rd September 14:00Liverpool vs Aston Villa (3-0)
3rd September 16:30Arsenal vs Man Utd (3-1)

Matchday 5

DateTime Schedule 
16th September 12:30Wolves v Liverpool
16th September TBDBournemouth v Chelsea
16th September TBDFulham v Luton Town
16th September TBDMan Utd v Brighton
16th September TBDTottenham v Sheffield United
16th September TBDWest Ham v Man City
16th September 17:30Newcastle v Brentford
17th September 14:00Bournemouth v Chelsea
17th September 16:30Everton v Arsenal
18th September 19:45Nottingham Forest v Burnley

Matchday 6

DateTime Schedule 
23rd September TBDCrystal Palace v Fulham
23rd September TBDLuton v Wolves
23rd September TBDBrighton v Bournemouth
23rd September 17:30Brentford v Everton
23rd September 20:00Burnley vs Man Utd
24th September 14:00Chelsea v Aston Villa
24th September 14:00Arsenal v Tottenham
24th September 14:00Brighton v Bournemouth
24th September 14:00Liverpool v West Ham
24th September 16:30Sheffield United v Newcastle

Matchday 7

DateTime Schedule 
30th September 12:30Aston Villa v Brighton
30th September TBDBournemouth v Arsenal
30th September TBDEverton v Luton
30th September TBDMan Utd v Crystal Palace
30th September TBDNewcastle v Burnley
30th September TBDWest Ham v Sheffield United
30th September TBDWolves v Man City
30th September 17:30Tottenham v Liverpool
1st October 14:00Nottingham Forest v Brentford
2nd October 20:00Fulham v Chelsea

Matchday 8

DateTime Schedule 
7th October 12:30Luton v Tottenham
7th October TBDEverton v Bournemouth
7th October TBDBurnley v Chelsea
7th October TBDFulham v Sheffield United
7th October TBDMan Utd v Brentford
7th October 17:30Crystal Palace v Nottingham Forest
8th October 14:00Brighton v Liverpool
8th October 14:00Wolves v Aston Villa
8th October 14:00West Ham v Newcastle
8th October 16:30Arsenal v Man City

Matchday 9

DateTime Schedule 
21st October 12:30Liverpool v Everton
21st October TBDBournemouth v Wolves
21st October TBDBrentford v Burnley
21st October TBDNewcastle v Crystal Palace
21st October TBDNottingham Forest v Luton
21st October TBDMan City v Brighton
21st October 17:30Chelsea v Arsenal
21st October 20:00Sheffield United v Man Utd
22nd October 16:30Aston Villa v West Ham
23rd October 20:00Tottenham v Fulham

Matchday 10

DateTime Schedule 
27th October 20:00Crystal Palace v Tottenham
28th October 12:30Chelsea v Brentford
28th October TBDBournemouth v Burnley
28th October TBDArsenal v Sheffield United
28th October 17:30Wolves v Newcastle
29th October 13:00West Ham v Everton
29th October 14:00Liverpool v Nottingham Forest
29th October 14:00Brighton v Fulham
29th October 14:00Aston Villa v Luton
29th October 15:30Man Utd vs Man City

Matchday 11

DateTime Schedule 
4th November TBDBrentford v West Ham
4th November TBDBurnley v Crystal Palace
4th November TBDEverton v Brighton
4th November TBDFulham v Man Utd
4th November TBDLuton v Liverpool
4th November TBDMan City v Bournemouth
4th November TBDNewcastle v Arsenal
4th November TBDNottingham Forest v Aston Villa
4th November TBDSheffield United v Wolves
4th November TBDTottenham v Chelsea

Matchday 12

DateTime Schedule 
11th November TBDArsenal v Burnley
11th November TBDAston Villa v Fulham
11th November TBDBournemouth v Newcastle
11th November TBDBrighton v Sheffield United
11th November TBDChelsea v Man City
11th November TBDCrystal Palace v Everton
11th November TBDLiverpool v Brentford
11th November TBDMan Utd v Luton
11th November TBDWest Ham v Nottingham Forest
11th November TBDWolves v Tottenham

Matchday 13

DateTime Schedule 
25th November TBDBrentford v Arsenal
25th November TBDBurnley v West Ham
25th November TBDEverton v Man Utd
25th November TBDFulham v Wolves
25th November TBDLuton v Crystal Palace
25th November TBDMan City v Liverpool
25th November TBDNewcastle v Chelsea
25th November TBDNottingham Forest v Brighton
25th November TBDSheffield United v Bournemouth
25th November TBDTottenham v Aston Villa

Matchday 14

DateTime Schedule 
2nd December TBDArsenal v Wolves
2nd December TBDBournemouth v Aston Villa
2nd December TBDBrentford v Luton
2nd December TBDBurnley v Sheffield United
2nd December TBDChelsea v Brighton
2nd December TBDLiverpool v Fulham
2nd December TBDMan City v Tottenham
2nd December TBDNewcastle v Man Utd
2nd December TBDNottingham Forest v Everton
2nd December TBDWest Ham v Crystal Palace

Matchday 15

DateTime Schedule 
5th December TBDAston Villa v Man City
5th December TBDBrighton v Brentford
5th December TBDEverton v Newcastle
5th December TBDFulham v Nottingham Forest
5th December TBDLuton v Arsena
5th December TBDSheffield United v Liverpool
5th December TBDTottenham v West Ham
5th December TBDWolves v Burnley
5th December TBDCrystal Palace v Bournemouth
5th December TBDMan Utd v Chelsea

Matchday 16

DateTime Schedule 
9th December TBDAston Villa v Arsenal
9th December TBDBrighton v Burnley
9th December TBDCrystal Palace v Liverpool
9th December TBDEverton v Chelsea
9th December TBDFulham v West Ham
9th December TBDLuton v Man City
9th December TBDMan Utd v Bournemouth
9th December TBDSheffield United v Brentford
9th December TBDTottenham v Newcastle
9th December TBDWolves v Nottingham Forest

Matchday 17

DateTime Schedule 
16th December TBDArsenal v Brighton
16th December TBDBournemouth v Luton
16th December TBDBrentford v Aston Villa
16th December TBDBurnley v Everton
16th December TBDChelsea v Sheffield United
16th December TBDLiverpool v Man Utd
16th December TBDMan City v Crystal Palace
16th December TBDNewcastle v Fulham
16th December TBDNottingham Forest v Tottenham
16th December TBDWest Ham v Wolves

Matchday 18

DateTime Schedule 
23rd December TBDAston Villa v Sheffield United
23rd December TBDCrystal Palace v Brighton
23rd December TBDFulham v Burnley
23rd December TBDLiverpool v Arsenal
23rd December TBDLuton v Newcastle
23rd December TBDMan City v Brentford
23rd December TBDNottingham Forest v Bournemouth
23rd December TBDTottenham v Everton
23rd December TBDWest Ham v Man Utd
23rd December TBDWolves v Chelsea

Matchday 19

DateTime Schedule 
26th December TBDArsenal v West Ham
26th December TBDBournemouth v Fulham
26th December TBDBrentford v Wolves
26th December TBDBrighton v Tottenham
26th December TBDBurnley v Liverpool
26th December TBDChelsea v Crystal Palace
26th December TBDEverton v Man City
26th December TBDMan Utd v Aston Villa
26th December TBDNewcastle v Nottingham Forest
26th December TBDSheffield United v Luton

Matchday 20

DateTime Schedule 
30th December TBDAston Villa v Burnley
30th December TBDCrystal Palace v Brentford
30th December TBDFulham v Arsenal
30th December TBDLiverpool v Newcastle
30th December TBDLuton v Chelsea
30th December TBDMan City v Sheffield United
30th December TBDNottingham Forest v Man Utd
30th December TBDTottenham v Bournemouth
30th December TBDWest Ham v Brighton
30th December TBDWolves v Everton

Matchday 21

DateTime Schedule 
13th January TBDArsenal v Crystal Palace
13th January TBDBournemouth v Liverpool
13th January TBDBrentford v Nottingham Forest
13th January TBDBrighton v Wolves
13th January TBDBurnley v Luton
13th January TBDChelsea v Fulham
13th January TBDEverton v Aston Villa
13th January TBDMan Utd v Tottenham
13th January TBDNewcastle v Man City
13th January TBDSheffield United v West Ham

Matchday 22

DateTime Schedule 
30th January TBDAston Villa v Newcastle
30th January TBDFulham v Everton
30th January TBDLuton v Brighton
30th January TBDNottingham Forest v Arsenal
30th January TBDTottenham v Brentford
30th January TBDWest Ham v Bournemouth
30th January TBDWolves v Man Utd
30th January 20:00Crystal Palace v Sheffield United
31st January 20:00Liverpool v Chelsea
31st January 20:00Man City v Burnley

Matchday 23

DateTime Schedule 
3rd February TBDArsenal v Liverpool
3rd February TBDBournemouth v Nottingham Forest
3rd February TBDBrentford v Man City
3rd February TBDBrighton v Crystal Palace
3rd February TBDBurnley v Fulham
3rd February TBDChelsea v Wolves
3rd February TBDEverton v Tottenham
3rd February TBDMan Utd v West Ham
3rd February TBDNewcastle v Luton
3rd February TBDSheffield United v Aston Villa

Matchday 24

DateTime Schedule 
10th February TBDAston Villa v Man Utd
10th February TBDCrystal Palace v Chelsea
10th February TBDFulham v Bournemouth
10th February TBDLiverpool v Burnley
10th February TBDLuton v Sheffield United
10th February TBDMan City v Everton
10th February TBDNottingham Forest v Newcastle
10th February TBDTottenham v Brighton
10th February TBDWest Ham v Arsenal
10th February TBDWolves v Brentford

Matchday 25

DateTime Schedule 
17th February TBDBrentford v Liverpool
17th February TBDBurnley v Arsenal
17th February TBDEverton v Crystal Palace
17th February TBDFulham v Aston Villa
17th February TBDLuton v Man Utd
17th February TBDMan City v Chelsea
17th February TBDNewcastle v Bournemouth
17th February TBDNottingham Forest v West Ham
17th February TBDSheffield United v Brighton
17th February TBDTottenham v Wolves

Matchday 26

DateTime Schedule 
24th February TBDArsenal v Newcastle
24th February TBDAston Villa v Nottingham Forest
24th February TBDBournemouth v Man City
24th February TBDBrighton v Everton
24th February TBDChelsea v Tottenham
24th February TBDCrystal Palace v Burnley
24th February TBDLiverpool v Luton
24th February TBDMan Utd v Fulham
24th February TBDWest Ham v Brentford
24th February TBDWolves v Sheffield United

Matchday 27

DateTime Schedule 
2nd MarchTBDBrentford v Chelsea
2nd MarchTBDBurnley v Bournemouth
2nd MarchTBDEverton v West Ham
2nd MarchTBDFulham v Brighton
2nd MarchTBDLuton v Aston Villa
2nd MarchTBDMan City v Man Utd
2nd MarchTBDNewcastle v Wolves
2nd MarchTBDNottingham Forest v Liverpool
2nd MarchTBDSheffield United v Arsenal
2nd MarchTBDTottenham v Crystal Palace

Matchday 28

DateTime Schedule 
9th MarchTBDArsenal v Brentford
9th MarchTBDAston Villa v Tottenham
9th MarchTBDBournemouth v Sheffield United
9th MarchTBDBrighton v Nottingham Forest
9th MarchTBDChelsea v Newcastle
9th MarchTBDCrystal Palace v Luton
9th MarchTBDLiverpool v Man City
9th MarchTBDMan Utd v Everton
9th MarchTBDWest Ham v Burnley
9th MarchTBDWolves v Fulham

Matchday 29

DateTime Schedule 
16th MarchTBDArsenal v Chelsea
16th MarchTBDBrighton v Man City
16th MarchTBDBurnley v Brentford
16th MarchTBDCrystal Palace v Newcastle
16th MarchTBDEverton v Liverpool
16th MarchTBDFulham v Tottenham
16th MarchTBDLuton v Nottingham Forest
16th MarchTBDMan Utd v Sheffield United
16th MarchTBDWest Ham v Aston Villa
16th MarchTBDWolves v Bournemouth

Matchday 30

DateTime Schedule 
30th March TBDAston Villa v Wolves
30th March TBDBournemouth v Everton
30th March TBDBrentford v Man Utd
30th March TBDChelsea v Burnley
30th March TBDLiverpool v Brighton
30th March TBDMan City v Arsenal
30th March TBDNewcastle v West Ham
30th March TBDNottingham Forest v Crystal Palace
30th March TBDSheffield United v Fulham
30th March TBDTottenham v Luton

Matchday 31

DateTime Schedule 
2nd AprilTBDArsenal v Luton
2nd AprilTBDBournemouth v Crystal Palace
2nd AprilTBDBrentford v Brighton
2nd AprilTBDBurnley v Wolves
2nd AprilTBDNottingham Forest v Fulham
2nd AprilTBDWest Ham v Tottenham
3rd April TBDChelsea v Man Utd
3rd April TBDLiverpool v Sheffield United
3rd April 20:00Man City v Aston Villa
3rd April 20:00Newcastle v Everton

Matchday 32

DateTime Schedule 
6th AprilTBDAston Villa v Brentford
6th AprilTBDBrighton v Arsenal
6th AprilTBDCrystal Palace v Man City
6th AprilTBDEverton v Burnley
6th AprilTBDFulham v Newcastle
6th AprilTBDLuton v Bournemouth
6th AprilTBDMan Utd v Liverpool
6th AprilTBDSheffield United v Chelsea
6th AprilTBDTottenham v Nottingham Forest
6th AprilTBDWolves v West Ham

Matchday 33

DateTime Schedule 
13th AprilTBDArsenal v Aston Villa
13th AprilTBDBournemouth v Man Utd
13th AprilTBDBrentford v Sheffield United
13th AprilTBDBurnley v Brighton
13th AprilTBDChelsea v Everton
13th AprilTBDLiverpool v Crystal Palace
13th AprilTBDMan City v Luton
13th AprilTBDNewcastle v Tottenham
13th AprilTBDNottingham Forest v Wolves
13th AprilTBDWest Ham v Fulham

Matchday 34

DateTime Schedule 
20th AprilTBD Aston Villa v Bournemouth
20th AprilTBD Brighton v Chelsea
20th AprilTBD Crystal Palace v West Ham
20th AprilTBD Everton v Nottingham Forest
20th AprilTBD Fulham v Liverpool
20th AprilTBD Luton v Brentford
20th AprilTBD Man Utd v Newcastle
20th AprilTBD Sheffield United v Burnley
20th AprilTBD Tottenham v Man City
20th AprilTBD Wolves v Arsenal

Matchday 35

DateTime Schedule 
27th AprilTBD Aston Villa v Chelsea
27th AprilTBD Bournemouth v Brighton
27th AprilTBD Everton v Brentford
27th AprilTBD Fulham v Crystal Palace
27th AprilTBD Man Utd v Burnley
27th AprilTBD Newcastle v Sheffield United
27th AprilTBD Nottingham Forest v Man City
27th AprilTBD Tottenham v Arsenal
27th AprilTBD West Ham v Liverpool
27th AprilTBD Wolves v Luton

Matchday 36

DateTime Schedule 
4th MayTBD Arsenal v Bournemouth
4th MayTBD Brentford v Fulham
4th MayTBD Brighton v Aston Villa
4th MayTBD Burnley v Newcastle
4th MayTBD Chelsea v West Ham
4th MayTBD Crystal Palace v Man Utd
4th MayTBD Liverpool v Tottenham
4th MayTBD Luton v Everton
4th MayTBD Man City v Wolves
4th MayTBD Sheffield United v Nottingham Forest

Matchday 37

DateTime Schedule 
11th MayTBD Aston Villa v Liverpool
11th MayTBD Bournemouth v Brentford
11th MayTBD Everton v Sheffield United
11th MayTBD Fulham v Man City
11th MayTBD Man Utd v Arsena
11th MayTBD Newcastle v Brighton
11th MayTBD Nottingham Forest v Chelsea
11th MayTBD Tottenham v Burnley
11th MayTBD West Ham v Luton
11th MayTBD Wolves v Crystal Palace

Matchday 38

DateTime Schedule 
19th MayTBD Arsenal v Everton
19th MayTBD Brentford v Newcastle
19th MayTBD Brighton v Man Utd
19th MayTBD Burnley v Nottingham Forest
19th MayTBD Chelsea v Bournemouth
19th MayTBD Crystal Palace v Aston Villa
19th MayTBD Liverpool v Wolves
19th MayTBD Luton v Fulham
19th MayTBD Man City v West Ham
19th MayTBD Sheffield United v Tottenham